Your Dreams are Your Reality

Many times there are things we find ourselves thinking about which we would like to experience, in the now. Things such as a different financial level, a career change, new life experiences, a break from the same routine, a new group of friends and many, many times, true love.

We may daydream, become distracted from our daily tasks or simply take some quiet time to expand upon this thought. But after these moments, we then go back to the same way of life we are attempting to evolve from, why?
When we think about something, we take the first step to experiencing this same thought, in the physical realm. All things are created twice, first off, in the ethereal or mental realm and secondly in our physical realm of worldly experience.
The moment we decide to dedicate any amount of energy to our desired experience, it is created! But many of us do not accept this and then fall back on “all that we know” as opposed to what we believe.

Nothing experienced is a coincidence, but rather, our desires wanting to be expressed in our physical realm. We often turn a blind eye to these same events and label them as random occurrences, fluke or luck. For a brief moment we even get excited, then “come back to reality”, as we often hear from those who do not dream and believe that to be child’s play.
Non dreamers prefer to be “realistic”, because their reality is often grounded in doubt. Their focus is often on having a plan B. As soon as we decide on a plan B, we take away all the energy needed to manifest our true desires.
Simply having the ability to dream is the first step, for us to manifest all that we desire!

If you desire a change in your physical appearance and see no change in the mirror, if you want to take your financial status to greater heights and see no change in your savings, if you want to experience new wonders in life and are stuck in the same routine, if you want to share your most memorable times with one special person who is like no other and feel you are not worthy so you do not act, if you want to become the greatest version of yourself and live the same way you have been, you simply have not desired that change strongly enough!

When we create something in the space where things are untouchable and unseen, they are already on their way to the space of worldly experience. We must become still and attuned to our surroundings, so that we may begin to notice the small signs. It is these signs which confirm that our dreams are becoming expressed in our physical realm of experiences.

Today, dare to dream and look past obstacles that we may encounter, for our dreams are tied to our happiness and our happiness can become our reality.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney


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