You Have Everything You Need

There are many times we seem to place restrictions upon ourselves, simply because we believe we are lacking in a particular area. This could be financially, emotionally, intellectually, physically or most often for no known reason. In these times, especially the ones where no clear reason is present, we let our minds wonder unfiltered.

In this state of confusion we convince ourselves to feel sad, useless, tired and fed up.
All it takes is one out of control thought to attract more thoughts of despair. This all happens within a few seconds and yet we know we dislike being in that state but we still feed this restricting force, which we chose to turn on. Why? Have we become so accustomed to our many blessings that we no longer appreciate them or even know they are in our lives? Have we compared ourselves to another and now feel we are insignificant in relation? If any of these questions can be answered with a yes, then we have simply forgotten the true meaning of happiness in our lives.

There is one particular song by Josh Groban, played on our local radio stations, during the Christmas season called Believe. This song always speaks to us, because of the soundness of its simple and meaningful chorus. It reminds us that we have never been in a state of “lack” because at all times we determine our source of joy.
The chorus goes as follows;
Believe in what your heart is saying, hear the melody that’s playing, there’s no time to waste, there’s so much to celebrate.
Believe in what you feel inside and give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need, if you just believe.”

While our mind may be in a state of complete disarray, our heart lovingly sings a song so wonderful, waiting to be heard, but instead we focus our energy on attempting to solve our mental riddles. Our cyclical thoughts keep us from travelling on our path towards our desires. Once we choose to be still and enjoy the “melody that’s playing” within, our objective will be seen and our straightened path will present itself!
There is so much for us to embrace and enjoy, so it is not beneficial to use any of our energy on limiting thoughts. When we eat one of our favourite foods, engage in one of our cherished activities, watch our favourite movie or hear our favourite song, we do not feel these things need something more to be great. We love every aspect of these things and it is in these moments, which we think of nothing but our abundance. Schedules, appointments, bill payments, chores and things which take us away from our feelings of abundance, do not exist in these moments because our heart has taken control.

We have always had all the things we’ve desired, but when we choose to turn our back to them, they will always be out of sight.
Today and for the rest of your days, “believe in what you feel inside” because “you have everything you need, if you just believe.”



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