What’s The Rush?

Courtesy of Kalen EmsleyLet’s be honest, the world is moving at such a fast rate due to the consistent advancements with technology and social media.  This has us constantly doing our best to keep up with the newest technological tools and latest social trends – not just fashion – which has created a sense of rush in our lives. With this we become frantic and rush to get places, receive something as fast as possible, graduate as soon as possible, build a multi-million dollar company as quickly as possible, and the list goes on.

As you attempt to take the express lane through life and embrace a rushed lifestyle, you’ll find yourself attempting to fit into a mold that is not meant for You, taking you away from your natural, beautiful and magnificent self. It’s like attempting to fit a triangle into a circular hole. It just won’t fit unless you cut off the edges, but what you’ll be left with is a false version of a circle. This is what happens when you rush your life, resulting in resistance and judgement becoming dominant elements of your subconscious, which further leads to feelings of being unworthy – never good enough – and fear of natural change. You start to become distant from your happiness and authenticity, even if you’ve attained a certain amount of egoic success.

So really, what’s the rush? If it hasn’t been clear yet, all you’re doing is creating a lot of stress and fatigue which is unnecessary in your life, wouldn’t you agree? Slow down, allow yourself to grow and be comfortable living at your own pace. There is no race to be won. There is no one to compete with other then yourself.  Nowhere in the “Book of Life” does it say: “by this age you need to go to college or university, move out of your parents home (although parents can be annoying sometimes and getting your own space is more than just fun, it’s often needed), get married by this age, have kids at this age, get a career by this age” and so on and so on.

When you move too quickly, you remove the opportunity and joy of evolving yourself effortlessly. Life becomes stagnant, and the weekends are the only time we give “fun” permission to be present. If this continues we will start to become tarnished, stretched out and torn apart. You did not decide to inhabit this beautiful planet in order to rush. You and I chose to come here in this form to Live, Learn, Enjoy and Evolve. The only time that you, I or anyone else would need to rush would be, to Listen to the inner voice that lies within us all and to radiate Love. Your inner voice and love are the beacon of light that guides you through the darkness and confusion of the ego, and other noisy thoughts that act as distractions.  

When you start to listen and love more, you will start to slow down. When you slow down, you’ll notice all the beauty and abundance that surrounds you. When you slow down, you bring forth your true, authentic, powerful, beautiful and magnificent self – the self that you came here to become – nothing more or nothing less. The beautiful paradox here is that when you slow down, you actually speed up. What I mean by this is, the pure energy that you are starts to speed up and aligns you with all that you need in this life to be “Rich” and “Successful”. You have been rich and successful since you took your first breath in this human form, you just forgot about this remarkable truth which can only reveal itself once you slow down and align.

Slowing down will also have you breaking away from all the labels you and others identify with. The mold that you’ve been trying to fit will fade as well, which makes life become more effortless and easy going, as life is intended to be. Life will start to feel like a never ending vacation because you are not bent out of shape, tarnished or stretched out. This is the meaning behind the saying “Make a life that you don’t need a vacation from.”  It’s truly wonderful what you can experience and become, just by slowing down.

Start to slow down by giving yourself ample time in the morning not to rush out the door, talk slowly, eat slowly, and don’t consume yourself with work that promotes rushing. Take daily or weekly walks through nature. Be present in the moment and notice how beautiful, calm and patient nature is. Nature is never in a rush and yet nature always arrives at the destination it needs to be, when it intends to. Feel the positive, loving energy as you walk through nature. Nature is one of our greatest teachers and this is the one class we must not skip.

Like nature, remember that You will get to your destination in due time. Stop rushing your life and attempting to rush through your days. Stop sprinting like you’re Usain Bolt, you’re not getting anywhere any faster. Allow things to happen as they may.

There is no rush in life, for we are always where we ought to be.
– Damien Williams

Damien Williams

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