What Do You See For Yourself?

Courtesy of Angela BenitoWhat do you see and want in this life? What is it that you’d like to have in your life right now, and what is holding you back from achieving that type of life? Take a few moments to dwell on this before moving forward… Now that you’ve given some thought to these questions, what was the outcome? Did you feel a sense of aliveness? Were you happy with the answer(s) you came up with?

It’s okay if you got stuck or if you didn’t even answer these questions at all. Most people get stuck (you’re not alone, I too have been stumped by these questions many times); lucky for you, what you’re about to read will assist in getting you unstuck. The two main factors that keep you stuck would be a “weak mind”, and lack of a plan (direction).

Let’s start with discussing a weak mind. What I mean when I say “weak mind” does not refer to you being dumb, or stupid, so get that thought out of your head. Nobody is dumb or stupid, if they were, then they wouldn’t be trainable, i.e. know how to walk, talk, or use any basic motor skills. That’s a little off topic, so let’s get back on track. Having a weak mind refers to the knowledge of knowing and understanding thy self.

With this knowing and understanding, you’ll be able to understand your strengths, weakness, desires and passions much easier. You’ll also be able to eliminate two key factors that hold a lot of people back, which is fear and doubt. These two tag team partners’ cripples the masses, forcing most to fill their days with things they utterly dislike and are left feeling drained. The effect of this is, bitterness, stress, anxiety, depression, not living out one’s life purpose/mission, and the list goes on. Chances are, you might currently be in this category of people, and this could very well explain why it was so difficult to answer the first two questions.

This is why it’s important to know what you want in life, and analyze what’s holding you back. It makes no sense living if life is going to be miserable, cold, and damp the entire time you live. I know this sounds a bit dark, just making a point. Now this is not to say to go jump off a building, no, what I’m saying is, start working on strengthening your mind to achieve what you desire in this life. Start to feel and be Alive; living by itself is boring, dull, and depressing. As I mention in many of my other blogs, we’re not meant to just Live, we’re meant to explore and be Alive!

 The best way to really strengthen the mind and self is by reading books that are informative, thus leading to personal growth and awareness. There are many books, and people that you can study, such as Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Napoleon Hill, Aristotle, Plato, Buddha, Jesus, Saint Francis of Assi, Lao Tzu, and the list goes on. The book that helped me develop a stronger mind and self was, “There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem” by Wayne Dyer. This book not only opened my mind and eye(s), but also opened my heart.
Another way to achieve a stronger mind is to work on developing core beliefs and living by them, create a better attitude, work on developing beneficial skills, focus on improving your personality, and work on your language (how you speak and project yourself). Meditation and yoga are beautiful ways to help center yourself, and get more clear with your life and your thoughts.

By taking action on one or all of the steps mentioned above, can and will strengthen your mind and self. And let’s not forget, by experiencing life, depending on the perception you have, will also add to these improvements. Keep in mind that this process of creating a better self and strengthening the mind, takes patience – like all great and beautiful things on this planet, patience is the key.

Now that we’ve discussed how to improve a weak mind, let’s discuss having a weak plan, or none at all. Having a plan when it comes to knowing what you want in life, and what you’d like right now in life, is crucial in attaining the life you “seek”. Far too many people suffer from what Tony Robbins likes to call “Niagara syndrome”.

Allow me to explain this further. Think of a river; you’re sitting in your raft floating ever so gently down the river, allowing the current to pull you in any direction it desires. Eventually, you start to hear a load roaring noise, as you get closer to this noise; you soon come to realize that the roaring noise is a massive waterfall (Niagara Falls). Your eyes open wide, your heart starts to pound, and you say to yourself, “Oh s*it”. You start to panic frantically, attempting to paddle your way back up stream, but the current is too strong, resulting in you and your raft capsizing, falling down this massive waterfall to your ‘fate’.

After reading that, I’m sure you don’t want to fall to your fate, and I certainly don’t want you to fall either. To avoid this, you can follow these simplified steps…

Step 1: Make a Decision. So many people lack in this area, simply because we don’t make enough decisions with Certainty. Take time to sit down and really make an informed decision on what it is you want in this life. Listen to your heart and intuition so there’s no confusion. Be confident with your choice(s).

Step 2: Gain Knowledge and Understanding of what is needed to attain what it is you desire in this life. This step also goes hand in hand with strengthening the mind and self. Knowledge and understanding are your allies, along with having a great imagination. By achieving knowledge and a better understanding, you set yourself up for success in achieving the things you desire now, and in this life as a whole.

Step 3: Create a Strategy. When you are creating your strategy, be mindful it will change many times, so don’t get too flustered and just roll with the changes. Have fun with the creation of your strategy, this step doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Come up with a plan; give it a shot, and if it doesn’t work, create a new one. Repeat this process until you have a strategy that works best for You. Remember, your strategy doesn’t need to be complex, keep it simple.

Step 4: ExecutionThe final and most important step. This step is where a lot of people fall short. Without executing, you will always be at a standstill. And you won’t be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Without execution, it will be much harder to modify your strategy, bringing you a step closer to what it is you desire, your ultimate goal. This is also where great amount of growth happens.

Don’t shy away from growth; growing is a fun, beautiful process. If you don’t grow, then you’ll become stagnant, and nobody wants to become stagnant. Becoming stagnant is the equivalent of only living, while growing is where you become truly alive. The great thing about implementing these steps, you can use this formula for anything in life. Helping you get unstuck, and keep your momentum flowing effortlessly.

Now that you have the tools needed to eliminate the question, what is holding you back? I will ask you again… What do you see and want in this life? And what is it that you’d like to have in your life right now? It’s time to take Inspired Action with Confidence.

What you seek is seeking you.

Damien Williams

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