There is Always More!

Japneet Marwah’s take on life is simple…”there is always more!” More things to do, more ways to help, more love to spread, more smiles to share and more people to inspire.
Her words are that of inspiration which have continued to strengthen our drive, and we hope you can be spurred into immediate action as well, by these very words.
Your time is now, embrace it!

By: Japneet Marwah…a true 1Cent-1life type of character.

Put your hand on your heart… Do you feel that? I’ll tell you what it is in a moment. Everyone has a story, and this is mine.

I used to be bullied, all the time in elementary school. I remember one time someone poured chocolate milk on me from the top of the stairs… I never told anyone, I just thought it would get better.

And it did… in grade 8 we were introduced to this new idea of high school, and I wasn’t going to the same high school as everyone else because of where I lived. That’s when everything changed… I knew that this wasn’t all I was, I knew that there had to be more to me. So I changed, and when high school started, I was the one who was involved with everything, the person who knew all the groups and got along with everyone. Then grade 12 came along and I thought, “There has to be more… this cannot be all there is for me… I want more. I want new people. I want a different experience.

As all my friends went to one university, I chose Seneca College. Where I spent 4 years, and became the President of over 20,000 students. Not many people can say that about themselves, but I could… because I took the chance to see what else there was for me in the world. I could have stayed…. I had a job that would have been ready for me at Seneca. But, what did I say?…

There has to be more. So, I packed my bags, and flew from Toronto Ontario to the other side of Canada to get my degree, in Victoria British Columbia. While in B.C, I was on my own for a year, with people I’ve never met or spoken to before. They were the most inspiring people I have ever met, and they had the most amazing stories.

I love it. There is always more for you! It is not just a cup of coffee, or just another normal day. Everything you do, and everything you say create opportunities and opens doors to new and exciting paths for you. There is always more.

Now, put your hand on your heart again… Do you feel that? It’s called purpose.

You are alive for a reason… And there is ALWAYS more!
– Japneet Marwah

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