There Are No Refunds On Life

This is a great blog that one of our good friends, Amanda Sharpless, emailed to us to share with you all. This blog speaks volumes and should be taken to heart. It is a true testament to Amanda and shows her spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional strength. Enjoy!

“Upon recent reflection, I’ve realized just how short life really is. Life on Earth is full of war, poverty, stress and sickness. Worldly possessions and material goods have become social expectations we’re constantly chasing and working for. Life passes us by and the only thing we occupy ourselves with is working long hours, making money and worrying about the future. Meditating on this has been very humbling, and has opened my eyes to what life is NOT; life is not about what we own, life is not about what type of car we drive, the clothing we wear or the community we live in. Life should not be about obsessing over the past or stressing about the future, no, God did not want this for us. He created us with intelligence and the gifts of thought and reason, so we can enlighten ourselves through life and learn to see life for what it is.

Which brings me to my next realization- what is life? Life is about living in the moment because the past is gone and the future doesn’t exist! Life is about feeling comfortable in our own skin and not identifying ourselves by the “stuff” we have. Life is becoming humble and letting go of ego. It’s about feeling from the heart, loving everyone and everything, and as Buddha, once said “deeply letting go”. In the end, happiness comes from within and is not dependent on external circumstances. Life is full of infinite possibilities that are merely an arm’s length away,  and we should be willing to reach out and grab them. The reality is, we only get one shot here on Earth, no refunds, no second chances. The minute we shift our consciousness to this sobering fact, the better our life will instantly become. So embrace life, focus on the positive, accept the negative and search only for peace, serenity and spiritual growth… And don’t forget to smile while doing it :).”

~Amanda Sharpless

Damien Williams

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