The Universal Mirror

Many times even the ones who empower, seek forms of inspiration, to be able to harness this energy and spread its underlying message.
Our inspiration comes from so many avenues of life, ranging from complex to simple. Yet there is an individual who we seem to absorb packages of wisdom from, at moments when we do not expect.
As we take a walk or ride through nature and behold its wonders, we do not expect to be inspired and feel a sense of unity with all things, we simply just walk or ride. This is one of the great lessons of nature though. All that we seek is often among us, but only those who remain in tune with the energy within all things, become truly enlightened as they shift from the actor to the observer.
Lessons such as these, mirror the lessons of Mark Recaido, known by most as the Jeet Kune Do Budda, and for good reason.
Here is one of his messages he shared with us recently. We believe you too, will get exactly what you are looking for from this universal insight, enjoy.

The Jeet Kune Do Budda:

“Positive synergy happens when communication is valued as a priority. To truly ask the right questions, we have to give our attention to the message as is.

Questions calibrate an understanding that is both mutual and beautifully validated, at that moment in time.

Giving attention > (is much greater than) getting attention, if the universe is our mirror.”

@JeetKuneDoBudda #FreedomIsBeing


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