The Beauty of Giving Without Expecting

Giving without expecting anything in return is one of the most organic and fruitful actions we as humans can do for one another.
Usain Bolt is a perfect example of this 1Cent-1Life type of character. A man, who has been misjudged by the media, is actually a humble, down to earth, good hearted person who loves to…

“give without expecting anything in return, because it is in giving that we truly receive.”

This beautiful act is something that has lost its true significance because, so many people nowadays use this act for all the wrong reasons. What I mean by this is, people will “give”, but expect something back in return or gloat about their act of kindness and say something along the lines of, “Well I’ve done my good deed for the day/week.”
This is not the best way to go about this thoughtful deed. When people give it should be because they want to, not to just please the highest or ones peers.

Usain Bolt embodies this great type of character very well. Although Usain is a very busy man, training to stay in tip top shape for the 2012 London Olympics, he is always finding new ways to give back to the community where he is from, Trelawny Jamaica.
Bolt has been able to “give without expecting anything in return” by, repairing the local medical clinic in Trelawny and paying to get his kindergarten school re-wired so that the kids going there now, could have proper electricity for better learning conditions.

In 2008, Usain Bolt felt that the best way to show his appreciation to the school where he found his love for running, was to buy computers for the entire school so the kids attending that school, could have better tools to maximize their learning potential.
Bolt also made sure that when he signed his first contract with Puma, back in 2002, that they give back to his high school in some way. The way that Puma gives back to the high school is, through giving free running shoes and track cleats for all the students in attendance.

Usain Bolt has done all this “giving”, and still continues to give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Why?…because that’s just the type of person he is. He does“Because he can.”
We all can do the same as Usain, we just have to listen more with our hearts and not our egos. This is a true embodiment of a 1Cent-1Life type of character.

Now the interesting thing about giving without expecting anything in return is, we actually get back an abundance of whatever it is we gave. That’s what makes giving without expecting anything in return such a beautiful thing. What we get back in return is so genuine and pure, that no matter what we think of asking for in return, would not have the same effects on our lives, as the gift that we did not ask for.
With all the selfless giving that Bolt has done, it has made him one of the most recognizable and respected people in all of Jamaica, since Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley.

Here’s an interesting story of how I practice this type of character, in my own life and, the effects it has on the people around me.
Last weekend I accompanied a few friends of mine, down to Toronto, to celebrate a birthday party. We all had a great time and as the night was drawing to an end, one of my friends that came down with me asked if I could drive another two of his friends’ home and before I could answer, one of the people that needed a ride home said to me “I’ll pay you $10.”
I smiled and said “No, its fine I don’t want anything.” She was taken back by this because nowadays people only do things if there is something in it for them. One should be giving because that person asking is in need of their help.
While driving home, the person that offered me something in return for the ride home out of nowhere says, “Damien, I like you. You’re such a nice guy.” I was thrown off by this and that was the nicest thing I had heard all week. Not only that, this person barely knows me and has made a judgment of my true character because of my misused act of kindness. Long story short, after dropping my friends off at home, I got a smile and a genuine thank you that followed.

That simple “unasked” smile, thank you and out of the blue, kind comment, made that night worth going, because it ended my up and down day on a positive note. That goes to show that when we genuinely do things and give without expecting anything in return, we  not only make ourselves better people, but we make those around us just as good, or inspire them to be better than we are.

We all could learn from people like Usain and apply it to our daily lives, not just to make us better people, but to help others become better people as well. So the next time you have the opportunity to give, be “fast” like Usain Bolt and give because you want to, not because of how it will make you look or what you’ll get in return.

When I was growing up my parents they would help everybody every chance they get, if somebody come and say, ah could they help this, they would give. So for me, I growin’ up seeing my parents giving back to everybody so for me it just comes naturally.
– Usain Bolt

Damien Williams

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