The Treasure of Friendship

Friendship, a term often said, but magnitude not always noticed. What is a friend? Is it a familiar face, a character in the play of life, a voice of reason, a supporting structure, a light which illuminates the darkness, a journeyer or a treasure in itself? Maybe a friend is all of this, yet these things barley scratch the surface of what friendship is.

We meet, have met and will continue to meet certain beings in this wondrous journey called life, often when we least expect it. It’s surprising, yet very familiar, that some of these initial meetings which last mere moments, have tremendous lasting effects which stay with us for life. We may know someone for years, yet truly know nothing about them or only know and share portions of ourselves with each other. We may also know someone for a few days and realize we can readily see the part of us that resides in them and the part of them which dwells in us. The latter, from what I believe, seem to possess an energy which is common amongst the closest of beings. This can be labeled as true friendship.
A friendship is not simply a label or category, but more akin to an experience and a connection to a universal oneness. This bonding and mutual sharing of things seen and unseen, is witnessed across a variety of species, regardless of the level of understanding or appreciation of it. But why is this “thing” such a treasure?

Many of us are in constant contact with our friends, from the moment we wake up, to the moment we retire for the night. We speak about things we do not even share with “family” members, we seek out new experiences and plan to share these moments with them, we go to them for wisdom, we search for them for guidance, they give to us when we need even if we are hesitant to ask, they count not the amount of things they do for us and still continue to do, they shut us down when we need a jolt, they show us how we can improve in the ways we desire, they are honest with us even if honestly brings us down, they are there to bring us right back up stronger.
How different would our journey be without friends?

Friends are in our moments, our memories of the past and our dreams for our future. Even writing what a friend and friendship represents, I find to be extremely difficult. Not because there is only so much one can say to answer the questions posed, but because no amount of questions or answers will ever represent an ounce of what friendship stands for.
The observable universe itself and each point of light visible by the finest of our technologies, is not representative of even a handful of reasons why friendship is so magical.
But, do we notice how magical friendship is or do we take each verbal exchange, each smile, each hug, each laugh, each piece of wisdom, each point of correction, each moment of concern, each helping hand, each shoulder to lean on, each shared moment, each second together and each guiding light, for granted?
This written account of friendship is not solely meant to be read, but to be studied. Each question asked here is not meant to give a universal truth, but for you to find the answers relevant to you, by going out and experiencing things you have done before with friends, this time with a quiet appreciation and sense of wonder.
Ask yourself, “Why do I treasure friends and what does friendship mean and represent in my life?”

Sometimes we may even feel we have no friends, but how will we ever see the sun if our back constantly faces the light? These unsung individuals are friends of the highest order, for they still express their love and share their energy, even when their ways are unseen. Sometimes it is up to us to turn around and realize that we have never been walking this path alone, for it was our friends who walked behind us in silence, content enough just to share this journey together.
So My Friends I ask this of you, stop, turn around and glance upon your greatest treasure…your friends.

Friendship…is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.
– Muhammad Ali


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