The Tallest Mountain…Doubt

No matter how treacherous a journey, no matter how steep the surface, no matter how many injuries we sustain, we keep on climbing…why?

Doubt is the tallest mountain known to human kind, one that we often lose our grip on, which causes us to slide back down to the base.
This “mountain” does not reside in the physical word, but yet many of us make it something very real. Every time we feel we have doubt under control, just as we reach the summit, we slip.
Like a snow ball, we become more “powerful” the further we fall. This is not “power” that benefits us, but an unwanted energy that weighs us down heavily.

Do you ever notice how easy it is to doubt? The slightest form can destroy a friendship, shatter a romantic relationship, bring about illness, cripple performance and waste your day. Even with these few things known, we still choose to doubt. What good do infectious thoughts bring us?
The answer is nothing!

Doubt originates from the mind, which subsequently produces further undesired thoughts of despair. These thoughts then lead to no useful actions, which further deteriorate our wellbeing. We become secluded, shield ourselves off from social interactions, feel that nothing else is more important than our suffering and deem ourselves unworthy of any given task.
There is a connection here, which starts as a mental blueprint for destruction and then manifests itself in the physical world. Doubt only seems to attract one thing…more doubt.
The medication for this is not something you can buy, but something you already possess.
The ability to control your thoughts will enable you to control your actions! Reread the previous sentence again, many times if needed. This concept may seem obvious, but if it was, why are many of us still climbing this mountain? Whether the concept is obvious or not, one thing is certain, it is simple.
At any moment, we have the ability to choose what we want to think about and as a result we can choose what we bring about!  This previous sentence too, is worth repeating aloud.

If we feel hungry, our brain signals our other organs to alert us. We feel the need to eat and we remember what food we have in the kitchen, our mind then instructs our nervous system and the musculature of our body to produce an action. This action propels and directs us towards our kitchen. These same systems come into play, so that we can make or locate food. Once the food needed to quell our alerted stomach is in front of us, our senses begin the nourishment process. Our pupils may slightly dilate, our sense of smell triggers pleasant emotions, which then produce salivation in our mouth and our hands guide the food to our mouth, where our saliva, tongue and teeth, break it down.
As the bits of that wholesome sandwich enter our stomach, it begins to break down further though our digestion process. The smallest and most basic elements of that same sandwich are now being distributed through our blood stream, to the needed parts of our body and at last, we are hungry no more.

What was the point of reading that well known fact? The point of this was to show how a simple thought, can lead to many complex actions. This is the exactly how doubt manifests itself into our physical world. The only difference is, we have the ability to always control and eliminate doubt. We do not always choose to be hungry or thirsty, because these things are needed for our survival. Doubt is not needed for anything other than a wasted day and to eliminate love and happiness from our lives. It seems foolish to choose such a thing, but many of us engage in this foolish activity constantly, all because we want to.

We now know how our climbing adventure begins, but how do we stop it?

Any time you feel doubt begin to creep into your mind, pause and say to yourself, “at any moment I am able to choose exactly what I want to think about”. This will instantly bring to you a sense of relief and determine your productive and loving actions which follow. The solution is always simple, let us all take the complexity out of the matter and be in control of our thoughts, emotions and actions!

We believe in you and we know that only joy, love, peace, happiness, health and prosperity will flow into your life, because you are in control of your thoughts. Change starts now!

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.
– Buddha


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