The Power That A Smile Holds

About 4 or 5 months ago I came across a beautiful quote that went like this…

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”
 Mother Teresa.

After reading this quote, it got me really thinking about the power that a simple smile can have on an individual. I was so intrigued by this quote, that for the next few months leading up to today, I did a little experiment, by greeting everyone I meet with a smile. Even people I know (Friends, Family, Co-Workers etc…).

I was amazed with the results I got from people. Now I’m not 100% sure how much my smile impacted the people I would greet, but I do know that I always got a smile back and a very friendly, organic conversation that followed.
Something as simple as a smile, let’s people know that they are loved, respected, and most importantly, a smile lets someone know they truly do have a purpose here on earth. No matter what type of mood a person is in, once they receive a genuine smile from another, it instantly penetrates a person’s soul and makes them feel all warm and happy inside.
Just like drinking warm apple cider on a crisp autumn day, a nice cup of mint tea with honey on a clear spring evening or even when one has a pint on a patio with some friends on a clear summer’s day.

A smile is just as powerful if not more powerful, then a person yawning in a room full of people. A perfect example of how potent and powerful a smile could be, is seen in this beautiful story… Australian “Angel” Saves Lives at Suicide Spot.
This story was so inspirational to me, that I felt honored and so happy that I decided to do this experiment. Not only do smiles demonstrate peace and love, but it also creates peace and love within one’s self and leads to a happier, healthier you. While doing this wonderful experiment, I’ve also noticed that my overall levels of happiness and health, have increased enormously.

Every time I head into work, one of the first things I do is, head straight for my supervisors office, knock on the door and walk in and greet her with a huge smile from ear to ear. The response I always get in return is an even bigger and happier smile that penetrates through my body and straight to my heart and soul, filling me up with even more joy.
In return, this causes me to radiate love, happiness, and peace from within, then transmit it outwards to others. This creates a positive energy so strong, that when people come into my energy field, I’ve noticed the instant increase in their energy levels and they return the love back, creating those lovely organic and positive conversations, I mentioned before.
I have many more examples but I’ll spare you all so that you can have some fun and try this for yourselves.

So, I would like YOU, the reader to try this. For the next month or so, everywhere you go, greet everyone with a genuine smile and see the reactions you get back in return. Not only that, pay close attention to how you feel after greeting them with a smile. Watch how all these positive things will start to gravitate your way without you even noticing, until after the fact.
Let me know how this experiment turns out for you and most importantly, just have FUN with this!!! =)

A smile is like a work of art. Embrace it, admire it, feel it and enjoy it. Let it take over your mind, body, and spirit. Watch how your overall life improves, alongside improving others in the process.
– Damien Williams


Damien Williams

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