The Funnelling Effect

Many of us often wonder how different our lives would be, if we did not have such hectic and fast paced schedules. We may feel that our days would be filled with a sense of ease and freedom. Just knowing we don’t have any timelines to “constrain” us, appointments to make, assignments to hand in, tests to study for, long shifts to work, yard work to attend to and house cleaning to finish, we may then feel at ease.
Why is it that all these tasks have to be completed before we can be in our desired state? Why do most of us feel the need to spend our days doing what we don’t truly desire, in hopes to have a fraction of our day to enjoy later?

Many individuals have created a “mental cage” to spend their days. Most allow time itself, to determine their own happiness. From the moment we wake up, our thoughts begin to move at a “break neck” pace, uncontrolled, disorganized, partial and many times disturbing. This rush of uncontrolled and seemingly unwanted thoughts, takes us further away from our desired happiness simply because we let it!
Often we seek to bring mental organization to this mental confusion by applying some sort of system, which has the potential to bring us closer to our desired state, only after we have “suffered” first. Is suffering not the opposite of what we wish upon ourselves? To believe we have to suffer first, to be happy later is a choice many of us make, but it is not the only choice we have.
We can also choose to be in a complete state of wellness this very moment. Inner or external turmoil is not needed to enjoy each moment of our day, yet some choose to spend their time and energy focused on the opposite. They take an infinitely abundant source of happiness and funnel it into a narrow passage. As a handful of water is removed from the ocean, in hopes to contain it, it is of “the limitless” no more. This handful of water is now a small fragment of its once limitless source.

How different is a “systematically” spent day, from that of an animal in a cage? When a hamster wants to eat, it goes to the side of its cage where the food is. When a hamster wants to drink, it simply moves to a different portion of its cage. When this hamster wants to play, it moves to its running wheel and when it wants to sleep it moves to its favourite spot. Now when this hamster wakes up, it often continues to live in the same systematic way as the day before.
When we wake up we seem to follow a rigid routine, day after day. We groom ourselves, eat, leave for school or work, perform our duties, study our materials, eat again, resume our prior activities, leave our place of business or study, arrive home, engage in our usual home rituals, eat, think about what we need to do tomorrow and end our day in the same place we started it.
With this pattern, we place ourselves in our own “mental cage” and leave out the true object of our desires…happiness. By operating in this manner, day by day, we do nothing to bring about change. One may never attain their own sense of happiness as long as they continue moving in the opposite direction.

Now if your happiness is in stagnation, then you may be in a constant state of amazement. If not, then a slight adjustment is all that is needed to experience all the things you desire, today!
A member of the 1Cent-1Life family describes this choice to attain what we wish, with these words, “it is in action not stagnation which change occurs”.
By doing what we have been we will continue to get more of the same. If familiarity is the opposite of what we wish for, then the unfamiliar is what’s needed. This is how the seeds of “change” are nurtured.

Life is not lived in a system of restriction, for life itself is based off freedom and change. Life is experienced through wonder and amazement and flows eternally, never separating itself from its source.
Today we can make this choice, to immerse ourselves in our original source. Our wholeness is where our happiness resides, so we do not need to continue placing our happiness at a distant moment by leading a life we do not desire.
Stop now and be of the moment. Live the life you desire now, not by giving up all that you know, but by being aware that your happiness is a mental state which you choose, it is not determined by what others believe you should do to attain your wholeness.
Your mental shift has the potential to bring about all you desire, at the very moment you choose!

When it seems impossible, when it seems like nothing is going to work, you are usually a few millimeters away from making it happen.
– Anthony Robbins


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