The Excuses Epidemic

Excuses strike without warning and often possess invisible symptoms. Excuses spread just as any efficient virus. The “carrier” may seem symptomless, but once exposed to others, the results are disastrous for all.

What makes this “virus” so efficient?
Is it efficient because it is often chronic and affects all those who have the need to blame, which is not surprisingly, an extremely large number of individuals? Maybe it is efficient because when we are affected by it, we are unaware? Maybe it is efficient because when we have it, no one else seems to notice we need a “sick day”.

One of the most common ways to catch this virus is, to set personal goals without sufficient desire backing those same goals. If we want to lose weight or gain muscle we tell ourselves, “we are going to start an exercise program soon”. If we want to quit an addictive habit we tell ourselves, “we are going to quit tomorrow”. If we want a promotion we tell ourselves, “we should put in more effort daily”. If we want to express our love and be loved we tell ourselves, “we are going to approach that individual when the moment is right”.

All of these goals seem to be different, but they all share one common trait. None of them are definite and focused on their desired outcome. These statements are those that teeter on the edge, never wanting to commit to a particular side, do or do not. It is here that many of us become “infected” with excuses. We decide to start our workout “soon” but that moment never comes, we want to quit an addictive habit but “tomorrow” is always just out of reach, we want that promotion but “something came up” and our work regimen will be revamped another time, we want to approach the apple of our eyes but we don’t know “how to break the ice”.
At all times, it is those who decide that “societal forces” are to blame for their lacklustre results, who become “infected”. This seems to be a global epidemic that has no end in sight…or are we just looking in the wrong direction?

The best “medicine” for this infection is a slight mental shift. The “recovery rates” are 100%!!! Taking a sense of personal ownership, when it comes to our poor results, will put us right back on the road to recovery.
When an excuse begins to creep into your mind and flow into your speech, STOP and think. Ask yourself, “Will my next choice of words place the blame on anything or anyone other than myself?” If the answer is yes, then you are using the wrong medicine. Instead of thinking about the numerous ways in which you can redirect the sense of ownership, think about the infinite ways which you can improve your performance.

Change starts today my friends, what will you do?

Excuses limit our potential and bring us nothing but a temporary sigh of relief. Willing ourselves to be better and do more each day to achieve our goals and dreams, sets us free!
– C.B


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