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Courtesy of Jimmy MustoThis journey that you and I are on at this very moment, is the most profound thing that could ever happen to us in Form. What I mean by form, is the vessel that houses our soul, the body. There are three elements, plus one, to this awe-inspiring journey: work, relationships, personal life, and the “plus one” would be the realization of the three combine – balance and transformation. Take a moment to think about where you stand currently with these three elements, sub-journeys in their own right.

Now, knowing or having an idea of where you stand with these sub-journeys, is vital to achieving the plus one mentioned a moment ago. Why? Because without knowing where you currently stand or if you’re focusing too much on one or two sub-journeys, you’ll be robbed of  achieving the most Enlightened part of the ultimate path, which is the creation of balance and harmony between each element, leading to Defining Your Life’s Purpose.
As you know, when focusing too much on one thing, what ends up happening is an imbalance. This imbalance will cause friction and inner-resistance in your life, often leaving us feeling too stressed out, depressed or even angry.

This imbalance can create the crazy negative voices in our head (Monkey Brain), which pull us further away from a complete state of balance and robs our enjoyment of what’s supposed to be a beautiful journey. This imbalanced state also brings about the illusion of being “off track”. Now, this is where the paradox comes in which always gives me a good chuckle once I stop and remind myself of what I’m about to remind you. Although friction and inner-resistance prevents you from experiencing your balance, we are never “off track” – just off balance.

This journey is truly what we make of it. When we feel “off track”, it’s only because we’ve given too much attention to one out of the three sub-journeys. In other words, you chose a path that’s least desirable. Picture our journey as a walk through the Boreal Forest; this is a massive forest that spans across Canada. On this journey you’ll encounter many different types of wild life, different landscapes, different changes of elevation, and more importantly, which ever path you are currently walking will eventually lead to the main path you’re meant to be on. This will be the destination designed especially for You. When you stop and think about that, how awesome is it? This excites me! Even though what I’m about to say next might not be so exciting, but it’s the truth, and a truth we must embrace in order to make this life journey special.

Now, some of these paths are more pleasurable then others. Some will be flat but very scenic which will speak, guide and fuel our hearts and souls. Others will be rigid, daunting, and not very scenic at all, leaving the mind, body, and soul in anguish and “dehydrated”. Please don’t fret if you are on this path, because there are always little side paths that lead to the more pleasurable paths, it’s just a matter of being Aware of where they are located, and taking the necessary action to move in that direction.

In order to move in the direction of those life saving mini paths, you must first come to the realization of how you truly feel and how you’d like to feel. From there, do your best to enjoy the current path that you’ve been on, and accept that path, but do not be attached to this path. This is not to say accept the miserable path as your only path, no, it means to make peace with it. This will allow you to make the mental shift that is needed to walk the more scenic and desirable path.

NOTE: These side paths are very slippery, so don’t get discouraged if you fall to your knees quite a few times, and get dirt all over your clothes. All that is part of the process and you Must be Open and Patient with the Process. There is no other way around to the more balanced, scenic and enlightened path.

A reminder for those on the balanced, scenic and enlightened path; Do Not get side tracked, and wander down these little side paths. There will be times that you may slip up or get tempted, and when you do, make sure not to be so hard on yourself. This is how you slip down these side paths and end up on a trail you do not want to be on – especially if you were on the miserable path and worked very diligently to get onto the delightful one. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move forward in all the beauty that surrounds you.

You see, this is why it’s important to know and pay attention to where you are on all three journeys, which make the whole. Once you find the Balance, life’s journey starts to become more Beautiful. Life’s journey is only a “struggle” or “hard” when you’re off balance and not aware of why you are where you are. So if you’re “off balance”, you now know what to do to get back on track. And if you don’t want to get a stray path, then enjoy your state of imbalance as much as possible. After all, life’s journey is whatever you make of it, because you are the Creator.

The only journey is the one within.
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Damien Williams

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