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While watching this very inspirational video about Steve Jobs: How To Live Your Life Before You Die, I came across this beautiful comment underneath the Steve Jobs speech video. Take some time to read this, it’s well worth it and something to think about before you rest your eyes to end the day. Enjoy! =)

“This is how you live before you die. Choose a career that you love, no matter what it pays, do it to the best of your ability. Respect yourself and those around you. Give with reckless abandonment. Love unconditionally. Help someone as often as you can. Be kind and forgiving – it impacts on your soul. Always be reading something. Make wise and informed choices. “Do unto others as you will have God do unto you” – Luke 6:31. Keep judgement out of your life, that is for a higher being. Wisdom can come from PHD, and people with no education at all – make sure you don’t miss it. “When you get your pay, reward yourself first.” – Robert Kiyosaki, hell, you’ve earned it! “Live today like it is your last, and not your first. “Never ever ever ever give up.” – Winston Churchill. I am sure everyone of you can add your own.” – Peter Challis

This is definitely a 1Cent -1Life type of character, and way to live life.

So I ask… Do you think this is a good way to live life? And, How do you think we should live life?

Damien Williams

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