Self Honesty

Courtesy of Vladimir KudinovJust really curious, when was the last time you were honest, and more importantly, when was the last time you were honest with Yourself?
It’s okay if you don’t remember because that’s all about to change today.

We live in a world where it has become the norm to lie, always bending or hiding the truth in order to get what we want. We do this all for personal gain, and to please people we don’t even care about.
That’s straight up whack to be honest with you, and a waste of time. This lack of awareness is at the point where we continuously lie to ourselves, and have become bitter, cold and “blind” people. What I mean by lying to ourselves is that we’re not being our true, authentic and wholesome versions of ourselves.

Now I know most of you are probably saying “Yeah, I’m always true to who I am, what does this Damien guy know.” That’s fine if you feel like that, because you are lying to yourself again.

This is the result of not knowing any better, it’s an ill-usion that your ego has created. This illusion has you believing that the person you are at this moment, reading these lovely and profound words, is your “true self”.
It’s not your true self – it’s a mirage.

You’ve been walking through the matrix desert for so long, absorbing what “they” have conditioned you to believe, that you’ve become so distraught and dehydrated, that you are seeing things which don’t truly “exist”.  Thus leading you to live and act a certain way.  This causes encounters with “fake” people/friends – and “fake” respect – because you’re not being You.

Reading this is opening your eyes and I know you are finally awakening to this wisdom, which is great! But now you’re also probably scratching your head, asking yourself “How the hell do I become more honest with myself?” I am so thrilled that you’ve asked this question.
The way to become honest with you is by simply Being. What is meant by this, is simply that. Just be you by doing and saying things that make you feel great inside, things that come natural to you.
When you have a tingly feeling coming from your heart, it’s a sign that you are being you. Also, you will feel more balanced, calm, happy and centered.

The more honest you are with yourself, especially with your Feelings, allows you to be a more authentic you, which is energy that has taken shape in form. To put this into action, start by being more conscious and aware of how you are feeling from things that you are doing and saying.
If it doesn’t feel natural or bring about any joy, then that means you are not being true to yourself. Let it go and make the shift. Be still for a moment and allow your heart to be present. You can also ask yourself this question… “Do I truly want to do ____ or say ____?” Fill in the blanks. Whatever the answer is, you will feel calm and happy with your decision, because you were 100% honest with yourself.

Being honest with yourself is a form of guidance from your soul and the universe. Once you can master this, your world and the world that surrounds you, will open up. And this is the ultimate way to give yourself love, respect and strengthen your self-worth – which not a lot of people can say they possess. Know that you have this wisdom.

How has being completely honest with yourself changed your daily experiences and overall life, for the better?

Don’t say I am this, I am that; just hold on to yourself. You Are, just be you are.
– Nisargadatta Maharaj

Damien Williams

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