RAWRRR!!! Aren’t they beautiful? The amazing thing about these BIG cats, are the simple fact that they have mastered BALANCE in their lives. That’s what makes them so successful in the wild…besides their size of course.
Lions, Leopards, and Tigers have a perfect combination of agility, patience and speed they are precise decision makers, confident, calm and know how to balance play with work (hunting). They are masters of stealth, in tune with all things, act on feelings and, flow. These big cats live in the present, not the future nor past, and of course… possess tremendous inner and exterior STRENGTH.

If we could apply all these skills to the “concrete jungle”, then we’d all be much happier and living out our personal legends.
We would not need to be bitter, thinking about the past or future, or thinking about the “what if’s” and “should I”, questions in life.

Think about it, we all have the ability to own all these wonderful traits, but yet, we CHOOSE to possess only a few, if not only one. There is no reason for that. Don’t let fear or “societal life” dictate how you live life. If you want to be successful in this life, whatever successful means to you, remind yourself how Lions, Leopards, and Tigers carry themselves in the wild, and do the same.

I to have to remind myself from time to time to bring out my inner “tiger”, and when I do, that’s when I find the most happiness and success to be present in my life…

It’s time now for you to do the same. RAWRRR!!!

In life we must find balance in all we do, and know at all times, what it is we want in order to achieve a life worthwhile.
– Damien Williams

Damien Williams

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