Positive Speculation

Our minds work in such a way, that they need to be in constant use. Now this is often the case if we have developed this trait and continued this pattern overtime. A mind which has been groomed in this manner feels out of place with silence and peace. Its balance point is ironically, a state of imbalance. Why is silence not enough? Why does there always have to be more to the story?

When we begin to question too much, we end up creating a problem where there was once none. The difference between concentrated thought and speculation is that the former brings us answers we need in the form of relief. While the latter paves the way for doubt and anxiety to reign supreme.
During our times of speculation, we actually begin to look for things we do not want to be true. We want to confirm doubt while inside we feel unsettled. Often we believe once we confirm our doubts, we will feel better, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. Why do many of us have the need to create the things we do not desire and confirm our worst assumptions?
Most of the time we do this because we are afraid…afraid of the unknown.
When we are patient and become still, we can listen to our hearts, but only when we block out the needless mental confusion. But make no mistake, we are not victims of our irrational and toxic thoughts, we allow them into our lives and have chosen to feed them constantly.

As humans it is normal to want immediate answers, but this has only become accepted because we allow ourselves to live in ways which promote immediate gratification. As humans it is also normal to transcended from any personal weakness, because this is our gift.
We fall, simply to learn how to pick ourselves back up. We doubt, so we can learn faith. We worry, so we can understand peace. We blame ourselves for unhealthy and impulsive thoughts, so we can master self-control. So our normal is what we choose to identify with.
When we only focus on obstacles, hardships, guilt, worry, doubt, anxiety and fear, we continue to create them because we give them life. Even when these things are not present in our daily experiences, we decide to create them mentally and bring about the same physical sensations we dislike, because speculation has become our standard.

If we must speculate, why not speculate about great things? Instead of wondering how you will meet a compressed timeline at work, think about how amazing it will be to finish your project at just the right time. Instead of wondering if you will injure you knee under the squat rack because of a heavy load, think about how amazing you will feel when you set a new personal best and see your gains. Instead of wondering what you have to do next to set yourself apart from others, in the eyes of someone special, think about how amazing it feels to know that you are the one special person in their heart, because of who you are naturally. Instead of wondering if you will ever kick a bad habit and become the person who you dream to be, think about how rich your daily experiences will be when you no longer identify with an old, unhealthy habit.

So my friends, if we must speculate, let us speculate about all the wonders in life we are experiencing now and the many, many more which are to come.

You can always choose to speculate about negativity or choose to speculate about all the things that will make you happy.
-J. Ricketts


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