Playing to Your Strengths

Too often we neglect the most powerful, most rewarding and most exciting elements of our lives, simply because we have a deep desire to be something or someone else.
Being more than you are is always a worthy journey to undertake, but being who you are not, in order to become something you think is a better version of you, is counterproductive.

We may have an ideal in our mind. Let’s say, to transform our body into something akin to a Greek stature of one of the mighty Gods of Olympus! Now, a noble undertaking indeed, but that sense of Devine power one may imagine, when they think of such mythological figures, is not related to any shortcut.
When we think about Athena, Hercules, Zeus or Aphrodite, we don’t usually think plastic surgery and steroids. To experience our own mythological, God like, version of ourselves, we must become the highest version of ourselves. Fumbling or dabbling in things we think may get us there, will not. All we have to do is enhance our own, natural, gifts we were born with.
We always have an opportunity to win, if we play the game our way.

We all are differently abled, there is no disability, since none of us lack ability. We are simply excellent at particular things. When we realize this, the potential for mastery no longer becomes illusion, but something within close reach.
If a professional basketball player, stepped onto an ice rink and decided to play professional hockey, something they have never attempted before, the chances are very high that this individual will not attain the same high skill level they possess in their native sport, of basketball. Now is this basketball player disabled? No!
This athlete is differently abled and the same sense of joy, effortless dominance and complete oneness they have with their craft, is only experienced when they are utilizing their innate abilities to excel. Of course a great deal of practice is required but practicing to enhance a strength, instead of practicing to slightly improve a weakness, are two things on different ends of the spectrum.

If we envision the Greek mythological Gods again, the few listed previously, all are known for being particularly great at one specific thing. Athena, known for wisdom. Aphrodite, known for love. Hercules, known for strength. Zeus, known as king of the Gods, associated with thunder.
We do not expect Aphrodite to lift boulders like Hercules, or Zeus to have the intellect of Athena. What makes them so memorable is that they are known because of their strengths and expertise, things we all have and yet, too often, deem ourselves unworthy. Why?

If we want something, we will get it. If we work on something, we will complete it. If we focus on something, we will see it. If we set our mind to something, we will achieve it!

You want to get into a particular graduate school, you want to become a more graceful dancer, you want to be a faster runner, you want to be a greater designer, you want to take better pictures, you want to become an expert chef, you want to become a master martial artist, you wish to build a stronger body, you wish to become a vegetarian, you seek to become enlightened…you will, if you focus on your unique strengths!
Nothing more is required and nothing less is expected.

We are worthy, worthy of greatness, but our sense of self-worth will be constantly diminished if we do not recognize our own strengths. To achieve all that we desire, we must focus on our own gifts and be happy for those among us who have embraced theirs. Exactly what we seek, is seeking us, and we will only meet it when we realize it is already at hand.

What are you great at? What brings you the most joy? What comes naturally? These are your strengths, these are your gifts and these are your tools which will propel you to heights beyond what you could have even imagined!
Find your strength and play the game of life, your way.

Have you been neglecting your strengths, which could place you in the same sphere as the Greek Gods?

Do not think that what is hard for you to master is humanly impossible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.
– Marcus Aurelius


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