Perception Is Everything

Courtesy of Matteo PaganelliPerception is everything; depending on how you’ve conditioned it over the years, will determine how your life turns out.
Many people see the world as a dark, dim, cold, and unfair place – and guess what, that is exactly what this type of perception will bring into your life. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of war, corruption, poverty and messed up things that go on in this world, but you don’t need to accept this as your reality.

Matter of fact, a main reason for such a negative perception, may be the result of the collective masses being blinded by societal “influences” and “controllers”.  Striking fear into our souls and conditioning us to believe that “this is the way it has always has been and will be.”
It’s not, nor will it ever be “this way”. You can always choose to perceive your life and the world we live in, in a positive way.

Having a positive perception doesn’t mean there is no negativity. Perceiving things positively means, not allowing or identifying with anything negative, cold, or bitter. This allows you to align yourself with all that is good on this planet which is a lot; you just have to open yourself up to these wonderful things.

Choosing a positive perception also creates the opportunity for you to be more aware and count your blessings. You’ll be amazed with how this simple shift will change your world for the better. It’s like opening the blinds in your bedroom for the first time. It’s very blinding at first and, even though you are temporarily blinded by the brightness of the sun, you still have a smile on your face because your other senses have kicked in – feeling the warmth on your skin and hearing the birds chirping, all of this brings a smile to your face and aligns you with all the beauty the universe has to offer.

Kenya Sesser is a beautiful inspiration and example of what life can truly be, if we shift our perception to a more abundant one. Kenya’s story is the inspiration behind this beautiful blog. Kenya is a young woman who was born with no legs, and only 8 fingers. Kenya was also abandoned by her birth parents. Now, you’re probably already thinking, “Damn, that sucks. How does Kenya live? How can someone in that situation have so much love and joy in her life? I feel bad for her.”
Stop those thoughts; there is no need for them, because Kenya chooses not to identify with a negative perception.

Click the link below to watch Kenya’s story. This 7 minute video will transform your sense of perception, and is very beautiful, emotional, inspirational, and empowering to watch.

I can totally relate to Kenya, seeing as I was born with Hemophilia type A. My first blog explains more about this semi-rare blood condition “My Life as A Hemophiliac.” For the majority of my life, my perception was clouded. Being an active and natural born athlete, hemophilia hindered many of my sport choices, and even potential career.

What isn’t in my first blog is this; it wasn’t until about a year ago that I truly let go and shifted my perception fully, to a positive light like Kenya. It is a liberating feeling, and life despite its ups and downs is still truly beautiful – and I’m truly grateful for having this bleeding condition.

Allow me to leave you with this quote to ponder, after watching Kenya’s beautiful story.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.
– Wayne W. Dyer

Watch here: Kenya Sesser’s Story

Damien Williams

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