Overcoming Self Defeat

Self defeat is such a helpless and low feeling, when we fall victim to this.
I was watching TSN the other day, when this short inspirational video about Morgan Rielly of the Moose Jaw Warriors CHL team came on. It was about a 5 minute video about Morgan Rielly, a very skillful defensemen who had been scouted for the 2012 NHL draft and had a turn for the worst in one of his CHL games. As Morgan was skating with the puck to score a goal, he got hit from behind and smacked his knee so hard off the goal post that he tore his acl. Now for those of you sports fans, you know how devastating this injury could be to an athlete.

This type of injury could of easily got in the head of Morgan and become self defeating, but not for him. After injuring his acl, Morgan had surgery, followed by rehab, after fully healing. Morgan was so determined that, when he went to rehab, all the physiotherapists thought he would be walking in with crutches but he wasn’t. He just had a little limp when he walked. After successful rehab, Morgan returned to the Warriors just in time for an important game and, he went out and proved him self to all the scouts of NHL teams that may be interested in him, to let them know not to count him out of the draft just yet.
Great news is, Morgan Rielly got drafted 5th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs. A prime example of the great outcomes that come with not giving into self defeat.

After watching this short inspirational video, it really got me thinking and, inspired me to over come the self defeating beliefs that I was experiencing at the time. Before seeing this video, I was very frustrated, angry and, in a low state of mind. Simply because of an injury that I’m currently overcoming and, I’ve been letting this injury get the best of me, which has caused me to go into a mental state i do not like.
I know the negative effects that self defeat can have on an individual, yet I kept my self in this crummy state of mind. I was doing everything, from icing, to resting, and even giving my self factor, which is medicine hemophiliacs such as my self need to take when injured, and that too seemed to be not as effective as it should.

Later that evening, I went out to Subway to grab some dinner and I was still thinking about this video, along side another inspirational video called, “Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!”. Right as I left Subway it dawned on me, that self defeat is just an illusion/limitation that we put on our selves and corrupts our minds, which has negative and sometimes harmful effects. My good friend called me right when I left Subway and came to this understanding. I told him that I would call him back after I ate my sub.

My friend and I had an empowering conversation and, after getting off the phone with him and going back to what the Morgan Rielly Story and, “Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!” taught me, I shifted my negative low energy thoughts, to a higher and more positive mindset which as the days went on, I noticed within the next day my injured right arm started to get better.
I started to laugh at my self because, when I was frustrated, angry and self defeated, nothing was happening and it was as if my injury was getting worse. But like I said, once I shifted my energy and thoughts to a more optimistic mindset, I went from being weak and low to being strong and positive.

Looking back at all the times I let my self be defeated and the effect it had on me, to every time I took an optimistic approach to a self defeating situation and the outcomes those had on me, I started to realize that, it’s so easy to fall victim and waste so much time and energy on a non-beneficial illusion like self defeat and, knowing that the longer you stay in this state of mind, the worse things seem to get.
If we constantly remind ourselves that, when self defeat or any other negative thoughts start to creep into our minds, that it’s just as easy to reverse those thoughts and outcomes by using that same effort and energy that we would if we were in a self defeated mind frame.
This can be simply achieved by saying, “I’m the master of my thoughts! I control the outcome of all my emotions! I will not let this defeat me! I am stronger then this!” After saying those words with a firm belief, embracing them, and digesting those words, you’ll feel the change in your energy levels rise to a higher state, creating a more positive and pleasant mind set.
And as for the self defeat or any other negative thought you might be having at that given moment, it’ll have come and gone just as quick as a shooting star on a clear summers night.

From hear on out, when I feel self defeated, I’m going to stop my self and remind my self of the greatness that comes from not giving in to this state of mind. I highly suggest you do the same.
Life’s too short and beautiful to let things like self defeat spoil our time hear on earth.

Life’s an opportunity, embrace it.
– Damien Williams

Video: Morgan Rielly’s Story
Video: Arthur’s Inspirational Transformation!

Damien Williams

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