Our Yin & Yang

The world see’s a single side of who we truly are, most days of our lives. From the moment we wake up each morning, to the time we go to sleep, we take on many different roles and express unique sides of our personality. Who we are with family may not be the same person we are with friends, co-workers, classmates, employers, clients, and even that special someone. Why?
Are we afraid to show our “other sides” to those who may feel it to be inappropriate? Will our societal image be tarnished if we act as our true selves?
These questions can all be answered, with the help of the Eastern principle of, yin and yang.

Symbolically, the yin and yang symbol may be understood as a balance of “good” and “evil”. Without one, there is no other, for a portion of “evil” resides in “good” and a portion of “good” resides in “evil”. This principle is not only limited to these terms but can be applied to the aspects of our personalities.
There should not be a need to act in ways that conform to others perceived beliefs, if at the same time we are acting in ways which are unnatural to who we are.
If we wanted to attract the eye of a particular, special someone, but felt we had to act in a way other than our natural state, just to gain their attention, it would not be in align with our personal yin and yang. If we made a good “first impression” and wanted to maintain that same image of ourselves, we would be only acting as half of our real selves.
By constantly feeling the need to impress that special someone, prove our worth or separate ourselves from other girls/guys, our chances of fumbling and making “mistakes” would increase. This would likely produce the same things we did not wish to happen, to occur often! Just as a lie is supported by false claims, easily cast aside, a false self is propped up by weak supports, easily knocked over.
If we are constantly walking on “egg shells”, hoping to not ruin our image, halt our progress and even lose the interest of that special someone, we are not acting natural. Our natural state is our state of wholeness, as the yin yang symbol is a complete circle.
By acting in selective ways, we are only being a portion of ourselves. By limiting our completeness, we also limit ourselves to a portion of who we could truly become!

Our own personal “quirks”, “flaws” or past negative experiences, are not things which should be cast aside and hidden from the world. These are the exact things that make us who we truly are. The confident and reserved guy, who has no troubles in social settings, who becomes a “chatterbox” and too overwhelming, around the one woman that he wants to impress, need not kick himself later for acting like an “idiot”.
The outgoing and assertive lady, who easily takes on steep challenges individually, who becomes timid and passive, around the one guy she wants to impress, need not come down on herself later for not taking the action she wanted.

Our “flaws” are what complement our “perfections”. By hiding them, we increase our chances of “failure” because we engage in our tasks at half our optimal self.
To get that certain dream job, to achieve that certain grade, to shine in that presentation, to attract more clients, to transform our body to our liking, to earn a place in the heart of the one we love and to leave our mark on the world, we can only do it by being our complete selves. Anything less, and our results will only be half of what we desire.
Trust in and be who you are, enjoy your natural state and flow with the energy of all that is around you, and you will achieve all that you desire.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Paulo Coelho


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