No Moment is Ordinary

Often we spend our time thinking about past experiences or future events, the “what was” and the “what if” experiences. Ironically enough, the only experiences we truly have go unrecognized because we remove ourselves from the “what is”.

All that we will ever have is the now. We often compare what has happened, to a current event. We may remember an extremely joyous time where we felt like our lives were perfect and nothing or nobody could put a damper on our experience. We also compare times of extreme hardship to our current experience, where we felt so low, so broken, so punished that we never want to face those times again.
These times of comparison may often determine our current course of action. If we were persistent in the past and studied hours on end, just to receive a failing mark. If we invested our life savings on a passion we had, only to see it crumble. If we were in pursuit of a romantic interest, only to see them seemingly slip away. It was these times that seemed to have broke us beyond repair, but how wrong we were…
During our time of study, during our investment in our passions, during our romantic pursuit, one thing was evident, we were extremely happy and excited about all the possibilities and we felt only joy during our journey. It was the sudden unexpected outcome that altered our state of being, not the journey in itself. But why is it that we choose to look on that past experience as a tremendous burden, by only focusing on the outcome? Our ultimate outcome on our planet is to transcend this physical plane, but we do not look back on our journey and feel broken from our time here. We look back and remember all the laughs, all the friends, all the romance, all the adventure, all the hugs, all the kisses, all the sights, all the sounds, all the tastes, all the smells, all the music, all the dances, all the fun. We can choose to apply the exact same reflection to our past experiences, especially the seemingly “bad” ones.

What about the times of extreme joy or the exciting possibilities that awaits us in the future? These too take us away from all that we have…the now. We may be prepared for greatness, excited for all the favour that is to come, but we need not wait for that time to be fully present and completely happy. Be happy now, be excited now, and feel alive now! Don’t simply feel excited for what is to come, be aware of what awaits, but understand that even that is a moment to be experienced, at an appointed time.
There is no need to put our life in “rewind” or “fast-forward”, the treasure itself is what we witness now. When we choose instead to “press play” on our lives, we can experience the thrills of the story, not just reminisce. Each moment in itself holds for us, an eternity and it is this eternal presence that embodies all the joys, all the love and all the adventure.

My friends, choose to live each moment to its maximum potential and then find ways to transcend even that. We live here, now…and no other moment matters, for what has been done has prepared us for our current blessings and what is to be done, will prepare us for blessings yet to come.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.
– Henry David Thoreau


(Great read: Way of the Peaceful Warrior)

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