Negativity Is Like A Tsunami

A while ago, I got an email from a really good friend of mine talking about negativity, and the power it holds. This email got me excited because it got me thinking, and not only that, but that day I was feeling myself starting to slip into a negative mindset. This email helped guide me into shifting my energy back to a positive one.
I’ve come to the realization that the reason why the mass majority of us are unhappy is because of the energy that we constantly radiate from within, out. A lot of us don’t like where we work, don’t like a certain co-worker/student if you’re in school, or even like how our life is turning out. All of these things are the result of negativity, and rub off on those around you. Be mindful of this always.

Negativity is like a tsunami, it slowly creeps in; before you know it, everything in sight is submerged under water and you’re gasping for air but there is too much water over your head, and the current keeps pushing you back and forth. What’s left after a tsunami is just pure devastation. Everything that use to be, is gone. That is exactly what happens when you allow negativity to be present in your life. It destroys your mind, body, and spirit; making it that much harder to live the life that you so desire. And as I mentioned before, those around you can feel this energy, making it harder for them to lead the lives they so desire because the energy that you have gave off, has created an internal tsunami for those around you. Again, be mindful that Emitting Positive Energy Towards The People Around You and yourself, is always the better choice than emitting negative energy to yourself and others; especially when it comes to children.

Here’s the email that I got from my good friend, who got it from a friend of theirs…

“Our negative thoughts can be like pebbles rolling down the mountain side. One pebble bumps into another one. The second begins rolling and slams into a third. On and on it goes until thousands of pebbles, rocks, and even giant boulders are hurtling down the mountain.
When we find ourselves stuck in a rut thinking a negative thought, we can decide to stop and replace it with a positive thought. At first our single positive thought may not dislodge another one. We may have to think of several and start them rolling down the mountain-side. If we practice, we will find it becomes easier for that first good thought to shake loose others. We will see our lives change when we begin to look at the positive side of things.”

Now you have a better understanding of the magnitude that negativity plays in our life as well as others. So, before starting your day from here on out, start by saying and know in your heart that…

Today I’ll be showered with a tsunami of great thoughts and energy!

And then ask yourself…

What steps can I take today, that will guide me into radiating positive energy towards myself, and the people around me?

By taking these two simple steps, you’ll be gearing your mind and overall day to turn out how you’d like it to turn out; along with, inspiring those around you to do the same without a word even spoken.

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
– Abraham Lincoln

Damien Williams

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