Mind Thinking vs Heart Thinking

The mind…it works in mysterious ways and influences 98% of the decisions we make in our daily lives, when really we should be making 99.9% of our decisions with the heart instead. How many times have you said, done, or had something said to you, harmless or not, get the best of your mind causing you to get all worked up only to lead you to paranoia or irrational decision making?

I know I have…we’re all guilty of doing this at least once in our lives, and we all know how mentally draining this can be because, after getting all worked up, we come to realize that what we were making a big deal of really wasn’t worth the time or energy. Well I have great news, after taking some time to read this blog, you’ll possess the knowledge to put an end to this unsuccessful way of thinking, leaving you feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to take on the world as a new you.

A few weeks or so ago I was reading one of my self help books and I came across a mini chapter about not letting our minds get the best of us, and how things aren’t as bad as we make them out to be. This chapter caught my attention, bringing me to think about my life and how I listen to my mind over my heart in most situations, leading me too overreact for no reason. It was this thought that also brought me to the realization, that I’m not the only one who is influenced by this type of thinking. In fact, I’ve noticed that about 100% of people I encounter on a daily basis go about this way of “thinking”. The result of allowing mind thinking over heart thinking to be present in our lives, leads us to feeling troubled, worried, frustrated, negative, and angry more times than feeling; delighted, positive, relaxed, and at peace with one self.

A perfect example of mind thinking over heart thinking would be what happened to me a month ago. While I was at work playing a game similar to dodge ball with the kids I work with, my right arm was starting to feel a little sore from all the throwing I was doing in the game. Knowing that I’m rehabbing my arm back to strength, I should have known better that the reason why my arm was starting to feel a little sore was due to the amount of movement I used that day playing with the kids. Instead, I let my mind get the best of me and trick me into believing that I may have re-injured my arm or aggravated it a bit. This led me to the rest of that day alongside the day after, being very paranoid and cautious about my arm to the point where I was icing it like I was injured, alongside asking my mom numerous times if I am going to be okay. Obviously I was.

I laugh now looking back on how I handled that situation because, in my heart I knew I was totally fine but I was too stubborn and blinded by my mind to hear what my heart was telling me. As you can see, I allowed my mind to take a harmless and perfectly common rehabbing situation, turning it into a stressful two days for myself. This craziness that I caused on myself resulted in, frustrating my mom, lack of performance at work, changed my mood from positive to negative, and wasting two perfect days of my life that I’ll never get back because, I listened to my mind over my heart. So you see how important it is to think with the heart and not the mind.

Our mind is just a place that records data and stores facts, that’s really the only purpose of the mind. Whereas the heart is the bodies’ life source, the heart feels, loves, knows, pumps blood throughout our veins, and most importantly houses our souls and God. I know listening to our hearts and not so much our minds is easier said than done, here are some ways you can apply heart thinking

Instead of acting so quickly to a situation with the mind as one normally would, simply step back, take a few moments for yourself, and really think and feel what your heart is telling you. By doing so, you’re simply keeping yourself in a calm state and letting your mind know that you’re taking your advice from the only one pure source in our bodies, our heart. You will know when you’ve achieved this because there is a tranquil feeling you get throughout your entire body, especially in your heart.

Another way to achieve and get the most out of heart thinking would be, using the combination of the mind and heart as one. I know you may be a little confused by this one because I’ve emphasized quieting the mind and letting the heart “speak”. But if you remember reading in the introduction, I said, “We should be making 99.9% of our decisions with the heart.” Well this is where that 1% of using the mind comes into play when making rational decisions because; the mind creates reasons to back up the hearts decisions making the decision whole. This then influences us to make/act in the most beneficial way possible, at that given moment in time. This method brings the most balance into our lives, like putting water into a filtration system. What I mean by this is, our minds are like drinkable tap water, safe enough to drink, but still has some contaminates that can be removed; when we put tap water into a water filtration system, the tap water becomes purer and more enjoyable to drink. Same thing happens when we allow the mind and heart work in sync with each other. These are just a few ways out of many to achieve heart thinking, take some time to explore and apply the one(s) that best suit you.

Funny enough, before writing this blog, I used the second technique I spoke about to make the proper decision in writing this blog now rather than postponing it for another day. Reason being, at that time my mind was set on playing video games whereas my heart was set on writing this blog. I’m happy that I chose to sit down and really think about this decision because, doing so has forced me to apply one of these two beneficial techniques, alongside helping you the reader attain this great trait.

Now that you own this great knowledge and understanding, you can now continuously grow into the person that you are meant to be, and finally put an end to mind thinking and replace it with heart thinking. Share this knowledge with those around you once you have a good grasp on one of the two techniques I shared. You can help a lot of people and save them the stress, frustration, anger, and unnecessary sadness that come with listening to the mind over the heart. They’ll thank you so much for the help you’ve provided them with. Helping others conquer this type of thinking is also another great way to apply what you’ve learned here, resulting in a happier healthier you, and creating a more enjoyable life for those around you.

People mistakenly assume that their thinking is done by their head; it is actually done by the heart which first dictates the conclusion, then commands the head to provide the reasoning that will defend it.
– Anthony de Mello

Damien Williams

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