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The other day when I was scrolling down my Facebook wall, I came across a post a friend of mine shared on his wall. It’s an article written by Paul Hudson from Elite Daily titled “Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore”. I highly recommend all “men”, to take a few minutes out your day to read this article.
It’s well worth it…

This article, “Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore”, caught my attention because this is how I have felt for a long time about this day and age’s “men”. The article talks about how “men” have lost their way in the sense of being a real man, classy men, and gentlemen. Now you can deny this all you want, but it’s true. It breaks my heart because most women have lowered their standards of men simply because of the lack of selection of real men in the world. This has lead to women into believing that there aren’t any real, classy men left in this world, so women end up settling for “boys in a man’s body”. What’s even sadder, is the fact that when a gentleman crosses the path of a beautiful single lady, that lady often blows the gentleman off, because she is not use to being treated how a women is suppose to be treated, which is with love, respect, and as a person of equal status.

Being raised by a women, and having many women friends, I see firsthand how much this behavior affects them. Not only that, but I see how this behavior affects the real men, the men who have class, the men who have MANNED UP! It’s not healthy all around for both parties. Men, it’s time to grow up and treat women as I mentioned before, with love, respect, and as a equals. They aren’t a piece of steak that you can just throw on the grill and have with mashed potatoes, only to wash everything down with an ice cold beer. Women are like fine art; you want to cherish and appreciate their true worth. And like fine art, you only touch the one you’d like to have in your life always, who will bring you the greatest amount of joy. Men should not “buy” a handful then pick one. Men, we have to remember that without women, there is no human kind. We’d go extinct like the dinosaurs…

Now women, you’re not helping the cause either by settling for these types of men. Women, you have to create self discipline and more importantly, increase yourself worth. If you guys keep giving in to this type of behavior, these “men” will never learn; like a child without proper discipline. In order to fix something, one has to fix the cause, not create temporary patches that treat the symptoms.

So “men”, let’s dust ourselves off, and get back to our natural classy and respectful roots. Women deserve the best out of us, not the worst. And women, stop treating the symptoms of this type of behavior and start creating solutions for the cause. These types of “men” could use the assistance on the journey to becoming real men. With that being said…

Stay classy, and always keep it real.
– Damien Williams

Damien Williams

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