Love… Kindness… Compassion

It is said that “love, kindness, and compassion are the keys to life.” I agree, this is true. Showing love, kindness, and compassion to all lifeforms which inhabit this planet, creates harmony. But what about ourselves?

I personally find that many of us are so focused on giving love, kindness, and compassion externally, which is great, but the result of this is that we often forget to show ourselves the same. This is devastating, but it isn’t entirely our faults. Growing up, we’ve always been taught to treat others kindly, but rarely have we been taught to be kind, loving, and compassionate to ourselves. If we want to help one another, wouldn’t it be wise to first show love, kindness, and compassion to ourselves first?

Back about three or four years ago, I remember bumping into an old friend from high school while I was walking around Hill Crest Mall, in Richmond Hill. Mitch, my friend I bumped into, decided to grab some food together from a place called Thai Express, so we could catch up. We started talking about the basic things such as, how’s life, what are you up to and so forth. After the basic “jibber jabber” conversation was complete, Mitch and I then got into a deeper conversation, asking one another about our life’s calling. I told Mitch that I feel that my life calling is to help people, show people love, kindness, and compassion.
Mitch saw my sincerity, but Mitch also sensed some sadness within me. He saw that I was a little confused. Mitch then gave me some kind, but simple advice, Mitch said, “How can you help people and show love, kindness, and compassion for others in a beneficial way, if you don’t show yourself the same first?” Those words helped me realize why I was so hesitant in pursuing my life’s purpose. In order to succeed with this, I first have to embody all that I teach so that I can produce the greatest results for all those I assist. This is the only true way to be of great use to others, I thought.
Ever since that little chat, I’ve applied this principle to myself, expressing more self-love, kindness, compassion, and even providing myself the opportunity to seek help when needed. The result of this has been wonderful. I exude more confidence, happiness, love, and all other meaningfully positive expressions to others, because I first showed myself these things.

When you truly give yourself the opportunity to love thyself more and to be kind to yourself, you become more light and you appreciate all that life has to offer in a more meaningful way. This results in you naturally radiating all the qualities you embody, to all living things on this beautiful planet.
This is why I feel “love, kindness, and compassion are the keys to life.” As long as you find the balance in allowing yourself to receive these light and clean vibrations, you will effortlessly express these to others.
When people of all ages and genders come to me for life guidance, I see the instant relief of anxiety, frustration, stress, and fear they have internally built, because of the genuine sense of love, kindness, and compassion I share with them.

Up until this day, I am ever so grateful for that moment I bumped into my old friend Mitch, because he opened my eyes to something that I didn’t realize the importance of. This realization has been the key to my overall happiness, and the success I’ve been experiencing while I continue to live my life’s purpose.

I challenge you, for the next month, give yourself an abundant amount of love, kindness, and compassion. See what positive things start to take shape in your life. Watch how the way you experience life, changes in the same way that winter changes into spring. Watch how those around you brighten up when you are in their presence. Notice how light and clean you feel. It’s truly remarkable.
Peace & Love to all!

There is no one on the face of this earth that can or will show you love, kindness, and compassion the way you can show yourself.
– Damien Williams

Damien Williams

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