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~Passion~… What a beautiful feeling. Many of us talk about passion and, many of us desire to turn our passions into a lifestyle. And even though this favorable emotion is so talked about, do we really know what passion is, it’s significance, and the effects it has on how we live this life? Well that is precisely what I’d like to discuss in short here.

Passion is the driving force which gives us purpose. Without passion, our lives become tasteless and lackluster, which I’m pretty sure many of us can agree with.
One of the main causes of “depression” is the lack of passion. Having passion, makes your world, and the world we live in a much more beautiful place to be. When you possess passion in abundance or even in small amounts, you find peace within yourself, nature, and all things around you. This is why seeking your passion is one of the most important things you should be in continuous pursuit of…

For our passions is what defines us and gives us purpose; live from your passions!
– Damien Williams

Having passion, is just as important as food and water. without food and water we perish. Same goes with passion, without it we become the walking dead. it is our food and hydration for the soul, mind, and body.
I once lost my passion, and the result of that created some of the darkest and most distasteful moments of my life, moments I won’t ever get back. But that’s okay though, because it was in that dark, distasteful time that I reawakened and found a new passion or I should say… Passions! I feel reborn and alive again. Such an amazing feeling.

One of the catalysts that has helped in resurrecting my passions was a short but effective article titled Why It Is Essential That You Find Your Passion. The short YouTube video that followed the article was the cherry on top that helped the message set in and awaken my passions.
Whatever your passion(s) are, do your best to rekindle them or create new ones if need be. It is worth every ounce of strength you have left in you to find that spark for your passion(s). Don’t get discouraged if it takes time. The ones that take time are usually the sweetest, like a perfectly ripe and juicy mango. You owe it to yourself to feel and live life with passion…

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.
– Simon Sinek


Article + Youtube Video: Why It Is Essential That You Find Your Passion

Here are two bonus links to help you find your passion and keep you motivated.
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Damien Williams

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