Let’s Have The Time of Our Lives!

As I get older, I notice certain trends through life experiences, and for a while I’ve noticed how so many people are stressed out about money, acquiring possessions, keeping up with the “Joneses'”, and paying bills to keep food on the table while keeping a roof over top. I too have allowed myself to fall into this unpleasant trend that has created an illusion in our “minds eye”. This illusion, through action, has become a reality that has taken us away from enjoying this life in its purest form. It leaves us fatigued, demotivated, depressed, angry, frustrated, helpless, lost, ill, and the list goes on.
We need to stop! And ask ourselves, what are we doing with our life, where do we want our life to go, and who do WE want to become? I know for damn sure, the meaning of this life is not meant to be a struggle…it’s meant to be enjoyed and to give us an organic and rewarding experience with continuous positive spiritual growth.
So why then, do we constantly stray away from this? My theory is… our spirit, our mind, our heart, our beliefs, and our hunger for life, has been tarnished by external noise which interferes with our internal noise. The result of all this, has temporarily blindsided us from taking the appropriate actions to achieve our desired and much deserved type of life.

This robotic routine has to stop; wake up, shower, brush teeth, eat, get dressed,  go to work or “higher education”, come home, eat, pay bills, sleep, “beepbu beepbu”, and repeat. There is no real substance behind this, because as we tell ourselves, “this is just a temporary position”, but yet we still decide to climb that corporate ladder for the money in a place that brings more sorrow then pleasure into our lives.
Money is only enjoyable when received from doing enjoyable things such as, our passions, and desires, which shows us that money isn’t the key ingredient to living a desirable, organic and rewarding life. When we focus too much on money and living a lavish lifestyle, we become a lot like Ebenezer Scrooge. This is exactly why so many of us are seemingly plagued with more types of health concerns then there are people, 7 billion and counting…our focus should be to, as Vivian Doduc stated, “Collect moments… not things.” 

As I’ve emphasized thus far, living in this illusion won’t cure the stress and worry that we tell ourselves, it only adds to it. Making us feel like “just getting through the day.” Take a moment to read that sentence again. Now read the last 5 words; they are underlined and italicized. Say those words quietly to yourself. How does it make you feel inside? Hurt, sad, frustrated, hopeless? If you said yes to any of those feelings, then this is how you know it’s time for immediate change. Nobody on this earth should feel like they are just getting through the day, but rather, enjoying each day and having the time of our lives, as I’ve mentioned numerous times.

With all that being said… the life you yearn for has always and will always be present. You will see it and start living it once you shake off the repugnant “ill-usions”, which have been plaguing you for so long. Start today! Start living a more succulent life that you are deserving… because after all, this is how life was intended to be experienced.

Here are some video’s to help you with this important shift

Mr. Worldwide Pitbull Ft. Ne-Yo: Time of Our Lives
Prince Ea: External Noise
Prince Ea: Why Most People Die Before Age 25

“If every day I constantly improve my ability to enjoy my life, then I will experience life at a level of richness most people never even dream of.
– Tony Robbins

Damien Williams

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