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Courtesy of Ian SchinderHere’s a little riddle for you to solve, what is the similarity between your name, your job title, race, and gender? Take a moment to think about this before you answer and read on. Here’s a hint, a word that is in the title of this writing. If you didn’t get the answer yet, it’s labels.

You may not see the pandemic of labels at this present moment, but as you read further on, it will stand right out in front of you like a beautiful flower growing in the middle of a waste land.

The issue with labels is this, “labels” are very Limiting and rob us of who we truly are, formless beings – Energy. At birth we are given a gender label, “girl” or “boy”, then we are given another label in the form of a name from our parents, Sally, Jim, Kimberly, David etc. As we grow, we become more attached and identify heavily with these limiting labels. A great example would be when someone mispronounces your name. For most, when this happens, people feel really offended and feel to correct the person that made the minor, yes I said minor, mistake. The act of mispronouncing a person’s name can also lead to declaring WWIII for some, because that’s how attached certain people are to “labels”.
To be honest, this type of person always makes me laugh, and I don’t mean it in a rude way or anything. It just seems really silly to allow something of this caliber, to be the reason for one to be removed from their own internal peace. We’ve all seen this type of person, who’s defined by their name label, so I know you know what I’m talking about here.

Moving forward, as we grow older and start our professional careers, we continue to live up to, and continuously give heavy energy to, the “label” pandemic. Playing into the “career labels” gives us a False sense of thinking that this label will assert and establish a certain dominance or define our success or “life status”.

Rick:  Hey Dan, long time no see buddy! I haven’t seen you since high school. What are you up to these days?

Dan: Hey Rick, I know it’s been a long time eh buddy! I’m a doctor, just finished med school. What about you?

Rick: Oh that’s awesome! Yeah, I do janitorial work nowadays.

Dan: Oh, well the bills need to be paid.

Both: Chuckle awkwardly.

This example shows how Dan, subconsciously or consciously feels superior to Rick, all because of a certain job label. Even though Rick sounds excited for Dan, inside Rick is torn up. We’ve all been in this position at one point or another. And this is nothing against people who are Janitors or Doctors for a profession, it’s just a title – it doesn’t define who you are or your worth. The same goes with the name you were given at birth.

The sole purpose of labels are to allow our brains to comprehend the object, thing or person we encounter. This eliminates the “unknown” factor which most people are frightened of. Labels have been impressed so much on our subconscious, that we find ourselves role playing most of our lives. When we go to our place of work, we act a certain way – role play. When we go to church or go on a date, or even family gatherings, we act a certain way – role play. If you’re a boss or manager you feel superior. If you’re a parent you feel superior. If you work for the government you feel superior – all because we identify with pointless labels, which continue our role playing.
The reality is, no one is better or more superior then another. We are all equals and form-less beings, when it all comes down to it. And when we drop all the labels we’ve been given or associate ourselves with, life truly opens up, allowing us to be 100% real – no fluff or filler.

Give yourself the respect you deserve by breaking free of all the labels that have been attached to you. This is how you truly become free.  If someone mispronounces your name incorrectly, laugh and kindly help them with their pronunciation and know that it’s not on purpose. By doing this, you remind yourself that you are More than a label, and the label is just used for mental comprehension.
If you have a prestigious job title, be humble about it, because once you leave the work place, that label doesn’t come with you, it stays in the work place. The same goes for those with “entry level” job titles, no need to feel inferior to anyone because it’s just a label the company you are working with created. And as soon as you clock out, they stay within the four walls of your place of work.

Go now, be free and limitless. Soar high knowing that you’ve broken the chains of labels that have been holding you back for so damn long. Know that if someone has the need to label you, that label will not define you or slow you down from simply being. No more labels or role playing, just be the 100% authentic you!

What really matters is how God sees me. He isn’t concerned with labels; he is concerned about the state of man’s soul.
– Billy Graham

Damien Williams

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