It’s a Hard-Not Life

Courtesy of Laurie-Anne RobertAs the times continue to change, it seems that there is one constant that does not change, and that is, how the masses continue to cause their own suffering by the continuous identification with the ill-usion of a “hard-knock life”. Because of this illusionary thought form, it seems as if nothing ever goes right, and if they do, there is always a faint voice in the back of your head, quivering in fear, wondering when things are going to go sour again.

With all of this said, there is a question that would be great to ask ourselves. Is it really a “hard-knock life” or is it a perception of the cards you’ve been dealt, which is feeding into your “poor little me” story? Can it be that what we experience is actually a Hard-Not life?

Deep down inside, you know the answer to this, and it is the key to open the door to all the happiness, love, abundance, prosperity and freedom you yearn for. You know that no matter the hand you’ve been dealt, or better yet, the hand You chose upon your arrival here in your skin suit, doesn’t make it a hard-knock life.

Yes, life may be a little difficult for us now and then, as it is for all walks of life, but it’s not really as hard as you believe it to be. Hard is a perception of the mind which is holding you back from expressing your true gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with this world. But, the fact that life may be difficult to a certain degree means you’ve probably lived many lives before, and what you came here to experience and learn can only be found through the “difficulty” you are currently facing.

Don’t harm yourself by making the mistake of believing that this experience of difficulty is meant to be hard or unfair, because the more that you give into this “mindset”, the more of this ill-usion will be present. This makes a hard-knock life a “reality”. The truth is that life is simple and fun. Why do I say this? I say this because you and I are one in the same, just with different and natural skills, as well as a unique external appearance. We are the universe expressing itself in a slowed down version, which gives us this dense, physical appearance.

The universe is always at play, constantly eliminating and creating, not taking anything seriously or complicating anything – just simply flowing, being, and playing. Every time a baby human, animal or another product of Mother Nature is born, that is the “Youniverse” at play. There is nothing hard about this, just a perception that it is.

Have you ever noticed or experienced – if not then you’re about to – that all of the best things in life, that fill your heart and soul with natural happiness and joy, are simple and effortless? That is exactly how the universe intended it to be and still intends for life to be. When we experience what seems to be hard or rigid, it means we’re not in sync or in alignment with self – universe – which causes these hardships and suffering in our lives.

Side note: Know that suffering is not a terrible thing at all. It will lead you to some of the most profound discoveries of self, creating space for enlightenment, peace, love and freedom to become more Present in your life, because you already poses all of these beautiful wonders. All that was needed, was space.

Oddly enough, it’s not “you” who is actually experiencing this hard-knock life, but rather, it’s the ego that experiences the hard-knock life. And the fact that we have “leaders” who are not aligned with source and completely identify with these skin suits, radiate their fear and aggression, which toxifies the energy around us that we are all connected to. This feeds into the illusions you’re identifying with, thus making it more challenging to rise above them.

The best thing you can do to eradicate this type of thought, is to first realize that our thoughts are not real or tangible. Thoughts are not of us, we only tune into these energy waves, and you have the power to tune into a different “radio station” if you’re not into what’s playing on the current station. Even the simplest of things, such as I Choose statements and affirmations, are always great ways to help us change our mental station, along with the most powerful of all, I Am statements.

The key here is to become aware of how you are feeling at all times, which will help you become less identified with these feelings and thoughts. Another way to eliminate this hard-knock life mindset from your reality, is to realize You Are Not This Body nor are you Separate from Anyone or Anything on this planet, or the entire cosmos.

You are a beautiful, vast, infinite being of energy. If you were currently unaware of all this, this may shock your ego and pain body, and this tag team is probably creating some interesting illusions of fear right now, attempting to keep you from realizing this wonderful truth. Pay no attention to that, and those illusionary thoughts will melt away.

There are plenty of things you can do to shift from this “hard-knock life” state of mind to a hard-not life, and experience life in its entirety, from a higher conscious state of mind. The first step though, is always in your hands, and you’re the only one that can create this adjustment. All else, are guide posts along Your journey.

The only wish I have for you is that you build up the awareness and confidence to take that first step, and get the momentum going in the right direction, eliminating the illusion of life being hard. I know in this heart of mine, which is your heart as well, that you can do this, but you must see it and more importantly, Feel it in your heart as well.
Sending you peace, light, love, and joy.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?
– Rumi

Damien Williams

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