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Question… And be honest with yourself when answering, how’s your life been so far? Are you on the path to where you want to be? Are you doing all the things that bring joy into your life? Are you honestly happy?
If you answered no to any or all of these things, how does this make you feel?
Do you feel like you are wasting your life? Do you feel lost or frustrated?
If you said yes, I feel your frustration and I’m here to advise you that you can change all of this with the snap of your fingers… well maybe not a snap of your fingers, but most certainly with a switch of your thoughts and actions.

Your current state, in terms of how your life is shaped, all stems from your thoughts and actions or lack thereof. Every morning when you wake up, YOU have the power and choice to determine how your day will go. You can constantly choose to procrastinate, wallowing about the difficulties of life and the “hand you’ve been dealt”, or you can choose to be proactive and productive each day, seizing and creating opportunities for yourself. The choice is always up to you.

When you open your eyes to start your day, and after your morning prayers if you are a person who prays, say this to yourself… I choose to be happy! I choose to be great today! I choose to achieve at least one of my goals today! I choose to be better today than I was yesterday! I choose to be confident in myself and what I have to offer this world! I choose to ask that special someone out on a date! I choose to succeed!
Say any or all of these in the morning with excitement and enthusiasm, out loud or in your head. More importantly, make sure you feel these words when you say them.

I guarantee you that by starting your day with I CHOOSE statements, you’ll feel more determined than ever before, creating the right amount of energy, focus, and cultivating the proper mindset to live life in a more desired fashion.
Like a great breakfast to fuel your body, choosing the right thoughts and actions in the morning, fuel your soul and promote overall happiness and well-being. Don’t waste another day feeling down or lost, you don’t deserve that. You deserve the best that life has to offer.

Now, with this understanding, I challenge you to an “I Choose contest”. For the next 65 days, come up with your own I Choose sayings to motivate yourself to achieve all that you desire and deserve in this life. The winner will receive an abundant amount of success and satisfaction, the best gift anyone can receive.
Email me with your 65 day I Choose success stories, which will be featured here on our blog and Facebook page.
I look forward in hearing from all of you who choose to accept this challenge.

In life we have the power to choose. To choose which path to walk on – one that leads to the promise land, and the other to a land of misery. The first step we must take is to choose which path to walk.
– Damien Williams

email: Damien@1cent1life.com

Damien Williams

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