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Many of us, growing up, pretended to be super heroes, princesses, kings & queens, doctors, firefighters and so on…but how many of us actually became these things? Not that many. You may be asking yourself right about now, “Yeah, how come I stopped pursuing my childhood dreams?” followed up by a whole bunch of “reasons”, sorry I mean excuses, on why you stopped pursuing your dreams.
The answer lies within the link of the music video that is at the bottom of this blog,titled “Anything”, by Hedley.  This song is amazing, and it will inspire and re-ignite that “internal flame” that lies within YOU!. This song is a testament in saying what the title implies, we all can literally do anything and be anything we so desire.

Referring back to what I spoke about in the beginning of this blog, growing up we all had dreams of becoming something great, but somewhere down the road for most people, the desire for that dream diminished. One reason could be, as we grow older, we change, finding new things we’re good at, which creates new and improved dreams and desires that suit us better.
The other reason could be, and more times than not is the key reason for why we lose sight of our childhood dreams, is the simple fact that we allow others to tell us what we are able and unable to do. We’ve become soft. This has created a BELIEF in our subconscious mind, which makes us hesitant to strive to be a king/queen or policeman/policewomen.
That is unfair and selfish. What gives those around us the right to tell us what we are able and unable to do? This leads us to doing things and working at places we DO NOT LIKE, which is why so many of us, especially in North America, are so unhappy and have so many health concerns which lead us to an early grave.
The saddest part about this is that we allow these people to influence our life decisions, which causes us to take a different life path that isn’t intended for us. This needs to STOP right now.

It has become common, that when other people see you succeeding in life, they will do whatever it takes to bring you down, keeping you from rising up into the stratosphere like a hot air balloon. If you notice this behavior in those you surround yourself with, I urge you to cut them out of your life immediately, and replace them with people that support you 100% and want nothing but the best for you… like 1Cent-1Life.
One of my previous blogs titled Who’s Life Are You Living…Yours or Someone Else? (aka, How Much Do You Value Your Life?) talks about how we let others hold onto the reins of our lives, when really it should be us.
You can use me as a perfect example of this. Growing up, I always wanted to impress my mom, dad, grandparents, and my entire family. So I ended up living the first 22 years of my life for others, until one day I realized I wasn’t truly happy. Why?…because I allowed others to tell me “not to go any higher” or to “never push the limit and don’t play with fire.”
I put an end to that trend about three years ago when my friend and I started 1Cent-1Life. Ever since then, I haven’t looked back, and this is the happiest I’ve been in years. People around me still tell me, and think that, 1Cent-1Life is not a serious thing or how I need to find a more promising profession. All I have to say to that is the same thing as the chorus says in the song “Anything” by Hedley… “F*CK THAT, I CAN DO ANYTHING!”

With that being said, if you haven’t already, do what you want to do and become who you want to be, whether it be a queen/king, professional athlete, dentist, lawyer, fashion designer, makeup artist, sculptor, dancer, firefighter, actor/actress, or whatever it is that your heart desires.
And if someone tells you any different, just simply tell them… “F*CK THAT, I CAN DO ANYTHING!” and do just that. Take some time now to watch this music video and use it as a reminder to do you and “Be What You Want To Be”.

A thousand disbelievers couldn’t keep me on the ground, I’ve invented a momentum that will never slow me down, I believe it cause I feel it and I shout it out loud… I can, I can, I can, so.”

WARNING: This video contains some scenes of sexuality and mature language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Video:  Hedley – Anything

Damien Williams

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