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Courtesy of Jason ChenAccumulating large sums of money, buying the biggest or most expensive home, and buying the newest model car, seems to be all the rave these days, and the major sign of “success” – having finally “made it”. All of these things are fabulous to have, and temporarily improve our levels of happiness, but attaining these things and this lifestyle seems to come with a big cost , which is silently destroying our true authentic self and sense of true happiness.

This is the cost when we attempt to “out do” our opponent or keep up with the Joneses.  Your only opponent in this life is You, not the Joneses, not your co-workers or boss, Just You. When we condition our mind with this sense of competition, it is not healthy, and it is for sure not authentic. This is what’s called the “rat race.”

Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, working more than one job, not eating properly because “Time is money”, always on the hustle because “there is always going to be someone in this world that’s out working you, so you have to be more fierce to stay ahead of the pack” , is the mindset I speak of. This seems to be the right mindset for “success”, but in reality, it’s Not. This mentality pulls us further and further away from who we truly are, and our true assignment – the sole purpose of our existence.

The big house, the money, or having a brand new shiny car with that new car smell, are all fun things to have, but at the end of the day, that’s all they truly are, things. These things create artificial happiness and fulfillment, the same way that artificial flavours in the food we eat, temporarily make our food tastier. The food may taste great at the time and influence you to eat more and more, but if you saw the damage that these artificial flavours are causing you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, you would stop instantly and make a needed change – possibly an organic one.

But because we’ve been conditioned to believe that more is never enough, no matter the quality, the majority of us won’t stop. The effect of wanting more leads to becoming less humble and less grateful about all the wonderful blessings we do have in our life, at this very moment. This leads us to stay in a constant Striving State that subconsciously keeps us “hungry”, never reaching a state of Contentment, which is the state of Arriving. I know the word Contentment probably gives you shivers when said, but this is how to ultimately reach the state of Arriving. This does not mean you have to settle, no, it simply means to know when you’ve reached a certain point in all areas of your life, especially your Inner World, where you are generally happy, humble, and grateful.

Side note:  What good are all of these things, if we don’t step back and realize that we have arrived? Or if we’ve become too ill to enjoy these wonderful things, with the people we love, because of the stress we’ve put on our bodies and minds, in the attainment of these “things”? This is a great question to ponder.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is where the term “daily grind” comes from. There’s no need for the “daily grind”. Instead of always being on the “grind”, why not work more Diligently, while finding the balance between working Smart and Hard? Working in this fashion to attain these material Enhancements, is more efficient and beneficial – along with being less taxing on your mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Life is not a race, and more importantly, life is not a race to attain the most material objects. A great metaphor to help drive this point across, would be to bring you back to your childhood. Remember the story of The Tortoise and the Hare? If you don’t remember that story or the outcome, allow me to remind you; the hare lost the race to the tortoise, and the result was sheer disappointment for the hare. Why? Because the hare had tunnel vision and was only focused on the happiness of the ego, material happiness and out doing his “opponent”. Even if the tortoise didn’t win the race, the tortoise would still have been the winner in so many ways. I say this, because the tortoise did not lose his “self” in the attainment of fame, fortune and glory. The tortoise stayed humble and true to itself, and didn’t take part in what the Joneses are doing (the hare).

The underlying message to this child’s tail is beautiful. This story reminds us that speeding through life and competing against others will only burn you out, all while losing yourself in the “race” or should I say the “daily grind”. Living in such a way will not, nor will it ever, define you. The titles, the money, the big house, that is not who you are. So slow down and take baby steps. Do what makes you feel happy and breathes life into your soul, your inner most being. Enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. Enjoy the sweet scent of nature. Enjoy the beautiful moments you create with those you truly care about, and who care about you. Be humble and grateful for the wonderful things (enhancements) you’ve already attained by working diligently and smart. And if you still feel you need more, then approach it in a way that doesn’t strip you of your soul and happiness.

Remember, we are energy by nature, and this human form can only handle so much. This form is not invincible or indestructible like our natural state – energy. We must take care of our bodies if we want to continue to enjoy the many blessings this world has to offer. But first, we must Arrive.

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, how big your bank account is, our graves will still be the same size – stay humble.
– Unknown

Damien Williams

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