How We Get There is Irrelevant

Lena BellOur end destination is quite often what fuels many of us on our daily journeys. We plot and determine which path is most suitable to reach our desired goal. We determine the monetary cost, the time it will take, the amount of obstacles which may obstruct our path, the amount of physical and mental effort, and even the amount of temporary sacrifices we must endure in order to reach our destination. Yet, whatever path we decide to travel and how we navigate it, is of no importance. The path itself is but a vehicle, and what is a vehicle without a driver?

A vehicle can take many forms – figuratively and physically – but their sole purpose is to enable the operator to move towards and arrive at their destination. Regardless of the speed, the comfort of the ride, the obstructions ahead and the estimated time of arrival –  put into place by us and us alone – we will always arrive wherever we are intended to be, at the moment we are supposed to. Now even our destination may not look anything like we envisioned, it may not even be what we hoped for.
But we do arrive, exactly where we are meant to. This is not to say that our arrival, regardless of the amount of planning, is not under our control. It means that the destination we find ourselves at, is the one that is a direct reflection of how we navigated our journey, as the traveller itself, and not the method. The energy within the driver determines the destination, the mode of transportation simply bends to the will of the driver.

A plan without any steps taken towards its implementation, is just wishful thinking, a phase that many of us remain stuck on. With discipline enough to take small steps daily towards the attainment of ones goal, a plan becomes part of the formula for our envisioned success, our arrival. A plan without any other aforementioned ingredients keeps us fixated on stagnation and frustrates us because of the lack of forward movement or momentum. Can you see the paradox here? A conceived plan to navigate our path is only a thought about a future time where we have placed our happiness.

If our happiness does not seem forthcoming, we quickly dive back into the recesses of our mind to tinker and revamp our once foolproof set of steps. We remove what is not as magical as once thought and add something new to be proud of, then we repeat this again because we find something better, then once again because our method had a flaw, then one last time because something was overlooked…then we decide we no longer want to go where we once thought, and our perfect plan is scrapped in order to create a new one. During our time of introspection and our epiphany, we have truly achieved nothing. We thought and thought and remained where we once sat.

This is where our sense of knowing must shine through, for the vehicle we select after much planning, analysis and comparison, means nothing if the energy within its driver is clouded, uncertain and stagnant. A plan is truly deemed worthy or made to be folly only through its implementation. If we act on our thoughts and they lead us to anything short of fun, then we can surely cease that course of action and redirect our efforts to something more pleasurable, which will lead us to a sense of true peace, prosperity and ultimately paradise.

This is why, how getting to where seek truly means nothing because getting there itself is our only true desire. If you take longer than expected to get that promotion, so be it, you will get there. If you find it difficult to finance your new project, so be it, new funds are on their way. If you are working out and eating healthier yet see no change in your body, so be it, the change will reveal itself. If you are writing a piece of inspiration and words are fleeting, so be it, the piece will be completed. If you have lost your way, so be it, a new way will be made clear. If you have placed your happiness in the future, so be it, because you will soon realize your happiness has never left your side.
Maxwell Maltz once stated that we must focus on the goal, the how and the when will take of themselves, but only if we select our goal and take definite action towards its attainment. We need not know how to act, we just need to act. There is a great difference between the two.

If we sit idle and only envision a time of bliss, we will remain locked in a cage of disappointment because that which we seek is separate from who we are. It is only a vision of who we wish to become, but that vision is indeed an expression of our true potential and without the needed cultivation of our character and a disciplined approach to that envisioned state, we will only experience that bliss in our dreams.

Our physical experiences, day to day, need not remain separated from our dreams, for they both originate from the energy within us. We determine our physical reality just as we determine our thoughts. If you believe otherwise, you have done yourself a great disservice. What we seek is constantly seeking us, but we will only find each other when we match that frequency and take the action needed to catalyze this change.

Will you plan your days away as an observer and never experience your greatest adventures? Or will you go forth and merge your dreams to your physical reality by becoming the adventurer today? The step to take or lack thereof is and always will be, yours.

A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.
Tony Robbins


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