Who’s Life Are You Living…Yours or Someone Else?

“Life is an interesting journey. You never know where it’ll take you.”
– T.I.

That’s how this music video Live Your Life by T.I. starts off. This is one of my favorite songs to listen to, especially when I start to feel a little down, because this song really embodies the way I like to live and view life.
Nobody should ever dictate the way you should live YOU’RE LIFE! After all, it is your life right?

I know far too many people that let others direct their lives for them, and it truly breaks my heart. Life is meant to be lived the way YOU want to live it, the way that brings utmost HAPPINESS and JOY into your life. There is no need to be “afraid” to STAND UP! And live life to the fullest.
There is no greater feeling and nothing as beautiful and liberating as taking the reins of your life.
Who are we to control someone else or have somebody else control our lives? Matter of fact, why would anybody want to let another take control of something as beautiful, and precious as their life? It just doesn’t make sense.

That is why I love this song so much, because, although T.I. knew the consequences of leaving what ever gang he was in at the time, he still did it. Why? Because T.I. knew this would bring him to his definition of happiness, and freedom, so that he can live life the way  wants to, no one else.

Watch the music video link  at the bottom or listen to this song when you get the chance, to see what T.I. and I are talking about.
Feel the passion T.I. has when rapping this song, and let these lyrics be the catalyst to start living the life that YOU WANT, TODAY!

Life’s an opportunity; embrace it.
– Damien Williams

Video: T.I. feat Rihanna – Live Your Life
Lyrics: T.I. feat Rihanna – Live Your Life

Damien Williams

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