Hidden Angels

A good friend of ours, Riz, shared with us a wonderful event in his life, which touched our very soul.
We thought his story to be such a fitting example of, giving without the expectation of anything in return.

We hope you enjoy his personal story as much as we did and we encourage you to share your own.

Riz was on his way home, after a tiring but productive day. He chose to ride the bus this day, to take a short moment to relax, while still staying productive. Many of us take the bus, and even prefer it to other modes of transportation.
It is common for any of us to find ourselves in crowded spaces, filled with chatter of various stories, music, laughter and the ambient sounds of traffic. It is also common for many to be “in their own world” and pay no mind to others, even passengers in extremely close proximity.
It was with this same setting which Riz became truly aware of those around him.

A female passenger happened to board the bus and take a seat next to Riz. Initially in his own state of mind, Riz was lost in personal thought. Something, for some reason, urged him to fix his gaze on this female passenger beside him. He “tuned” in, to an energy which he felt was not solely his. He felt a slight disturbance, which was not resonating from within. The passenger beside him suddenly seemed to be in a state of gloom, tears begun to form in her eyes and a sense of helplessness was displayed through the expression on her face.

Now other passengers on the bus were also aware of this energy disturbance, but all chose to ignore it. Many of them may have felt “it is not my responsibility”, “I have my own issues to deal with” or “this is none of my business”. Riz chose to make this passenger his responsibility, make her issues his own and be part of her troubles.

As the bus came to a designated stop, this female passenger got off, along with Riz right behind. This stop though, was not his…but he chose to make it so.
Riz then approached the complete stranger, stood directly in front of her and said “calm down, calm down, whats wrong”. She replied with a simple head nod. Who was this stranger, she may have thought, why is he attempting to aid me and be part of my troubles? Riz understood the nod and realized why this was so fitting, because he was indeed a “stranger”.
At this point he could have decided to leave, because he attempted to console this passenger, but his method did not produce the expected result. Many of us may have walked off and thought nothing of it…Riz stayed. He sat down beside her and said “everything is fine” and stayed there with her until a level of comfort was reached. This all happened in complete silence, but yet Riz was only emanating love in its purest and most unconditional form. This energy was so strong, that She, out of nowhere, opened up and shared the source of her problems with him.

For Her, troubles were mounting one on top the other. They ranged from a sense of love that was not “true”, to financial strain, to workplace stress, to school overload and even family fallout. What could a complete stranger do for this individual? Riz knew nothing about her, other than the fact that she was the furthest away from experiencing a complete sense of love. Ironically, being a stranger, Riz was only able to offer the exact thing She was missing, love.
This is always the most effective and potent solution to any troubles we may face.

Why did Riz decide to intervene? He had nothing to gain personally and he would not be rewarded. He would potentially be jeopardizing his own productivity and losing precious time in his day. It is here that we can all take pointers…Riz chose to put another first, above his own wellbeing, unconditionally.
This same female passenger now communicates with Riz every now and then. She is feeling livelier at her new job, her income is steady, her school life is more fulfilling, her family relationship is blissful and her sense of genuine love now burns brighter and reaches deeper than before!
This same sense of selfless service has been applied to a new company that Riz has started. www.quickphoneunlock.com is Riz`s new business venture, something that may seem completely unrelated to selfless acts, but over 20,000 people have experienced Riz`s selflessness, by means of personal service. Any call locally or globally is answered by Riz, programming is performed by him, questions or concerns are handled by him directly and every user of his service is beyond satisfied!

No matter what we do or how we do it, when others are put first, the positive results are everlasting!  It does not matter if you are a secretary, a cleaner, a lawyer, a painter, a social worker, a truck driver, a fashion designer, a hair stylist or you unlock phones, because the simplest actions can have the greatest impact on others! If you genuinely assist another before you tend to yourself, you will always promote a sense of genuine love, which in turn will be reproduced, because love is “positively contagious”.
Let us always act for others, selflessly.  Let us notice that the common link between us all is that a piece of us dwells within others. Our common link is our universal oneness. If we can notice this and do more for others, we will be doing much more for ourselves, because the universe works in such a fashion that giving out, brings back in.

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.
– Hebrews 13:2


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