Heaven & Hell…Myth or Reality?

Courtesy of Sebastian BoguszwiczGrowing up we’ve been taught that heaven is a cozy and happy place up in the clouds, we go to when our time expires here on earth. The only people that are allowed in are those who have been “good”. We’ve also been taught that hell is a place deep underground, a place that’s extremely hot, surrounded by fire and liquid hot magma. This is also where our deepest and darkest fears lie. The only ones allowed in are those who behave distastefully on earth. The result of these teachings has put fear in most, or at least those that want to go to heaven.

Now that you have these two “external” places in mind, how would you live life right now if there was no such thing as “good” or “bad”, no heaven or hell? Take a moment to ponder this. Most of us would probably live a little more stress free or better yet, fear free right?

Now, what if heaven and hell truly exist, but they aren’t external places, rather, internal places? How would you feel about this, and how would this change the way you live life right now? Take a few moments to ponder this as well. Most of us would probably feel happy at times, sad at times, angry, enlightened, dull, confident, fearful, calm, frustrated, anxious, lost, not lost and so on, right?
Do these emotions sound a bit familiar? Chances are you’re feeling one of these right now. What I’m about to say next will make a lot of sense, and may blow your mind. You will defiantly have a new perspective about this subject, provided that you are open minded.

Those emotions are the cause of heaven and hell at war. You’re probably thinking,”well, how does this war, a war that is external from us, effect our thoughts and emotions?” That’s a great question! Heaven and hell are not external but rather internal. It’s a war within.

It’s a constant battle we face every day, and every day whether we choose to allow our actions to be “good” or “bad”, this does not heighten our chances of going up into the “clouds” or “underground” after our physical appearance expires. Check out my blog Fear Not Death, if you want to dive further into the concept of life after “death”.  I know you may think I’ve lost my marbles, but hear me out first.

The heart is where heaven calls home. With our heart, we Feel, and the most powerful feeling of all is Love. When we are low or have crazy thoughts, our heart is the first one there to comfort us, advising us that everything is going to be fine. Our heart also never leads us astray, this is why it is said “follow your heart.” The human body will not function if the heart stops, hence, our heart is the main life source that keeps us going. And this is why we do everything in our power to protect our heart, consciously or subconsciously.

The mind is where hell calls home. With our mind, we create toxic thoughts. Some of the most powerful toxic thoughts are doubt and fear. These two gems are what cause us to not live up to our full potential. Our mind becomes like a prison. The only escape or get out of jail card is, quieting the mind so that the heart can lead. I’m sure many will agree that there are times where your mind has taken you into some deep, dark alleys that you never even thought existed, leaving you to question your own sanity. Hence the old saying… “The hell inside your mind.”

Don’t get me wrong, the mind can produce amazing thoughts that can be pure, but only if combined with the heart, allowing the heart to be in charge, not the other way around. The only way you can cast out hell’s fury is by allowing heaven (your heart), to influence you and shine through. I elaborate more on this shift in, Mind Thinking Vs Heart Thinking.

Now I know this is a lot to take in, and you’re probably thinking I may be a little crazy, but as I mentioned before, if you open your heart to this concept, it can feel very enlightening, which may help improve your journey of life. It’s not easy to accomplish this, but with practice and openness, great things will happen for you.

A great show that I’ve been watching, which has had an influence on me and became the catalyst for this beautiful revelation, is a show called “Soul Eater”. You can find it on Netflix under anime.
I hope this insight brings new light into your life and a greater sense of well-being. I know it is changing the way I live and go about my day, in a more positive, less stressful, and less dull way. As I often say… “Life is better sweet.”

Heaven is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.
– Wayne Dyer

Damien Williams

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