Have You Found Happiness?

Courtesy of Matthew WiebeWhat is happiness? How do we attain happiness? Where does happiness even come from? Or an even better question to ask is, am I genuinely happy?
As great as these questions are, there’s actually a paradox with asking them, and that is, these questions actually strip us of our “real” happiness. This may confuse some of you reading this and for others you may see where I’m going.

The reason why asking ourselves these questions rob us of our authentic happiness, is the simple fact of not being completely Present. The main cause of this is often due to unconscious thoughts, which creates unconscious feelings and emotions. When this chain of unconsciousness is present, our happiness will simply fade the same way that the Sun fades when a massive storm cloud rolls in and covers it. And like the Sun, our happiness still shines bright, but it’s just being blocked by our unconscious thoughts and emotions. In order to allow our authentic happiness to shine once again in our lives, we must become present once more.

Placing our happiness in “things” is another way to lose our true happiness. Often times, most of us think that money, people, a big house, fancy sports cars, traveling all over the world and so on, will bring about happiness, but it actually doesn’t. This is not to say that these things are not great, no, all of these things are awesome, but they are just temporary enhancements. Going back to what was mentioned before, our happiness can only be found in one place, and one place only – the here and now.

The more we get lost in our unconscious thoughts (ego) and the more we place our happiness in material things or other people, the further we get from being naturally happy. Don’t get me wrong, having enhancements allows for this life we have to become very fun, interesting and enjoyable, but all enhancements have their season. Once that season ends, the “happiness” you once placed in those people or material objects will fade away. This is the result of “artificial” happiness and the main cause of stress, depression and anxiety.
The key is to find and radiate your true authentic happiness that lies deep within your soul, creating non-resistance, non-attachment and non-judgment, to people, material objects and yourself.

Now this doesn’t mean become a boring person, no, what this means is to be able to trust and just Be. This allows your true authentic happiness to become more of a common experience in your daily life. It’s challenging to achieve this at first because this is most likely all new to you, but I promise you it can be done. This is the only way to truly be happy and eventually become Enlightened. You will know you’ve discovered your authentic happiness when you genuinely feel peace and calm in your own silence, not having the need to seek out anything or anyone. And when you’re around people or obtain a certain material object, you feel humbled and grateful.

Being present, free from unconscious thought, free from resistance, attachment, judgment and ego, is happiness. This is how we attain happiness and this is where it comes from. You won’t find it anywhere else, but deep within yourself. Such a beautiful concept that anyone can implement once realized.

Breathe, let go and be Present, if you want to truly be happy.

The present is all that we have, and the present is the only place in which our happiness exists.
– Damien Williams

Damien Williams

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