Failure = Results

Failure is something the majority of us fear the most, because “failure” is seen as a negative – and linked to our ego and pain body. This results in, beating ourselves up or being really hard on ourselves. I know this first hand, and I know many of you are nodding your head right now.

If I “failed” at something, rather it be missing a free throw in basketball, getting a poor mark on a test, or even being too nervous to ask a girl out, I’d always go home and beat myself up emotionally for a good while, feeding my ego and pain body. This is never a good action for anyone to take, because it puts you in a low vibrational frequency. And what happens when we enter this vibration? We attract that into our lives. This crucial elements is what I never knew, and made it more difficult to bounce back up on my feet and learn from my “failures”, as life always suggests we do.

Now here’s the funny thing about “failure” – it doesn’t exist. I know you’re probably scratching your head and have a raised eyebrow saying, “How does failure not exist?” Let me explain, so that you look at the word “failure” in a new light.
About two weeks ago while reading a Wayne Dyer book in search of some Life Guidance and Enlightenment, I came across a beautiful chapter titled “Thought”. This chapter shed a whole new light on my perspective about failure. Wayne Dyer suggests that, in life we never fail because everything we do produces results – hence the phrase, First Attempt In Learning (FAIL).

I found this to be so profound, and this simple idea brought with it, such a great deal of joy. The more I pondered this idea, the more I realized the truth behind it. Everything we do in life produces a result, and results are a form of success; it’s just not the desired result (success) we’ve first imagined. So whether it be missing a free throw, getting a poor mark on a test, getting turned down from job, getting turned down after asking someone out, not making a lead role in a play, and many more, all of these things that we see as “failures” in our lives, actually aren’t, they are results, plain and simple.

All failure truly is, as Dr. Dyer highlights, is someone’s opinion on how we can achieve a certain result. If the way you’ve been advised doesn’t work, no worries, learn from what didn’t work and create a new way to achieve the result you desire. Have the confidence and willingness to take the necessary actions to do what is needed for the results you desire. No need to be hard on yourself or think you’ve failed, because you haven’t.

Now that you know the truth about “failure”, I would like you to make a promise to yourself that you won’t allow this term to hinder you from pursuing the things you desire in your life, because everything we do creates a Result, Not  Failure.

Realize there is no such thing as failure. Keep this in mind and you will achieve all that you conceive in your mind. You never fail, you simply produce results. Always results.
– Wayne Dyer

Damien Williams

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