Energy, Nurturing and Nature

Here is a piece of inspiration from the simple things we seemingly neglect, when we take ourselves out of the present, the moment life itself happens. The author of this refreshingly Spring themed blog is someone who has been a big supporter of our mission from before its very idea was conceived. She continued to keep our fire burning when society did not see our vision and today she has chose to share her bit of inspiration. She is not only a 1Cent-1Life original team member, but she is also my mother, Judith.

“I had brilliant idea for a blog, and knowing that my son is a great blogger I decided to ask him. His reply to me was “mum, why don’t you do it, since you are blessed with inspirations”.
Well, here I AM! My first blog. Where is my inspiration coming from?
Energy, Nurturing and Nature. You may ask, how do they become a love that is forever? Let me tell you. I love all the Seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. But there is something about Spring that keeps us grounded, so to speak.

I have planted a few things over the years, but not as much as I would have liked. Why, LIFE situations got in the way, time flew by, I got older, then realized that the thing I took for granted was always staring me in my face with its gentle, quite, beautiful , calming and positive energy.
If only we can be still, look, listen, appreciate, BE PRESENT and welcome the rejuvenation of this special time of the year!

I always feel that I need to be perfect and precise when planting or transplanting. But why be so hard on myself, I asked? It’s because I feel that if it is not perfect or precise, then the results of my labour is in vain.
I heard the little voice in me saying, “if my Energy is Positive, and my Nurturing is coming for Love, then Nature – in this case, my flower plants, herbs and shrubs – will only give back all the goodness I give them”.

As I wrap up my first blog, I happily see from across the room where I am sitting, a healthy Basil plant that I grew from three leaves indoors since the end of last Summer and now it is one foot tall and ever so healthy. There is a Jamaican thyme plant, which is two feet tall, the Jade plant in its glory, the Violet plant laden with flowers and the Crown of thorns that graces my dining room with year round flowers.

Till the next time, may this Spring enlighten you and bring forth your gifts of good Energy, a joy of Nurturing and an everlasting love for Mother Nature and all that you do.



Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
– Albert Einstein


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