Does Setting Goals Really Determine Your Success & Happiness?

Courtesy of Tim BogdanovWhat is the purpose for setting “Goals”? We hear this all the time, from grade school all the way into adult hood; “If you set goals, you’ll be a somebody… A real success.” But is this really true? Will setting goals bring us success, happiness, and all that our heart desires? Or is goal setting a way of creating stress, anxiety, and fear – fear of not being a “Somebody” or succeeding in life?

The best way to answer this question is to examine your experience from achieving the goals that you have set over the years. For me, ever since I was little, setting goals has always baffled me and created a bitter feeling in my stomach. I’ve always seen goals as a way of chasing a carrot that dangles in front of your face, which eliminates the present moment. If you actually catch the “carrot”, happiness and success would have been achieved, creating an illuminating feeling within. This may be true, but only for a short period of time. Often this illuminating feeling was just an illusion.

Why is this? Because goals are often created from a lack mindset or created from an egoic mind, which will always lead to some sort of dissatisfaction, or even a “Is this it?” kind of feeling. I say this from the experiences I’ve had with setting and achieving small to big goals. Yes, I said before that I’m not really one to set goals and that goals create a bitter feeling in my stomach, but I still wanted to see what the “hype” was all about.

All the achieved goals have lead to the infamous “Is this really it?” feeling, or “Awesome! I achieved this goal… now what?” feeling, or the feeling of “okay, time to move onto another goal.” Now I’m not saying goal setting is a bad thing and that you should not do it, no, I’m just simply implying that setting goals isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be, and if you do set goals, set them from a place of peace and love, from your true self, NOT from a lacking state of mind that is constantly striving and attached to the end result.

At the end of the day, no matter how many goals you set and knock out of the park, you will always be in search of more, continuously striving and never really arriving, or realizing that there are no goals to set and achieve because your life is in constant motion, moving you forward and shaping you into who you came to this planet to become. There are no “goal(s)” for that, just a remembering and awakening to your inner truth is all that’s needed. Be present! The beautiful paradox here is, whether you set goals or not, you’ll still end up where you’re meant to be, and become who you’re meant to be, provided that you allow flow into your life, by listening to that quite voice that resides within and taking action when needed.

Consciousnessnow sums this up beautifully like this;
“I have never been a goal setting type. Some may say that I’m afraid of failure or afraid of ‘success’. But since I was a kid, I’ve noticed that those around me who have reached their goals, never got happier or felt at peace – their goals were set in a lack of need, to have something in the ‘future’ that will save them. They were always seeking and trying to get someplace else, and missed the precious now. My business is to be in alignment. And from that place inspiration hits me; something bigger gets a hold of me, instead of the opposite. I just follow that flow, vibration, my heart, and consciousness and because of that, I have always expanded and created with ease and reached my definition of success – peace and contentment in the present moment, every day.”

So beautiful, this is what manifests once you break free from attempting to set goals or should I say attaching yourself to a goal(s) and expecting a certain outcome from it. If that outcome does is not attained, then your “happiness” is tainted as a result. This leads us to what was mentioned before, becoming stressed or filled with anxiety.
You can always follow Sara aka @Consciousnessnow on Instagram for more beautiful insights such as this one. If you have time, watch this wonderful short video, from two incredible spiritual teachers who also explain their take on goals.

When you want to arrive at your goal more than you want to be doing what you’re doing, you become stressed.
– Eckhart Tolle

Damien Williams

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