Defining Your Life’s Purpose

Courtesy of Jason RosewellHave you ever taken the time to think about what your life purpose is? Or have you ever taken the time to ponder your life mission? Are they not the same? Am I confusing you now? No need to fret, allow me to explain and clear up what their differences are. This should help you move forward in life, and not spend too much time on these two questions.

From the beginning of human existence, we’ve been struggling to figure out our life purpose, our “why am I here, and what should I do with this life”, questions. Many have searched and searched again for, finding no answers. Only a select few have managed to figured it out, but the list has a lot of empty spaces.

In the book A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purposewritten by Eckhart Tolle, he explains how everyone has the same life’s purpose and that is to free yourself of  the ego, to reach a deeper understanding of who we are, through Being. This is to live in the “isness” of the present. You may be baffled and maybe even a little heartbroken to realize that, Yes, we are all truly one and not separate from each other. For others, this can be the greatest sense of clarity ever.

Now, allow me to explain further what our life’s purpose truly means. Well, it simply means, to be of this very moment, nowhere else but here in the now – this allows us to discover our “deeper and true ‘I’.” That is the essence, but because the majority of us are too busy living everywhere else but in the now – the most important place in this universe – it makes it more difficult to come to this beautiful and humble realization. Our ego’s play a huge factor in our inability to fully grasp this concept and its importance.

This is why it’s so challenging, and usually why so many people give up on their life’s purpose, because we find ourselves heavily consumed by the past and the future, on a subconscious level. The only way to eliminate this toxicity is to be more aware of our thoughts along with the ego’s influence. There’s no other way around this if you want to experience your life’s purpose.

A common question to have may be, “How do I know when I’ve become present?” Great question; you’ll know when you’re present by the feeling you experience, a feeling of lightness. You will feel no inner resistance just happiness and peace. It’s truly one of the most beautiful and enlightening moments. You’ll also notice the lack of desire for judgment, and you will be enjoying the moment which you are in, where ever you may be. This is how you’ll know you are in a state of presence and fulfilling your life’s purpose.  There are no tricks to this but meditation and prayer are great ways to center yourself and make the shift.

Now we shift gears to what our life’s mission is. Our life’s mission unlike our life’s purpose, is ‘separate’ from everybody else, like a unique code specialized for you only. This is not to say that you’re separate from everyone or everything. We are still very much interconnected as one, through the one life source.

The sole purpose of our life’s mission, I believe, is to use that one special gift we’ve been given. That gift that has created a burning desire, a passion that has been placed in the deepest part of our core, and has been brewing inside from childhood, which often fades, for most, as we grow into adulthood. Sometimes people rekindle that mission because they don’t allow fear or life to get in the way. And although life’s mission is separate from others, it can also be the same, the only difference is that each person brings their own unique twist to their mission.  If you follow your life’s mission, you will not go wrong because following it through will create the life that you desire. But you must first look within to discover this beautiful gem.

What ever your mission in this life may be, it’s sole purpose is to be used for the betterment of humanity and this planet we call home. Anything else that doesn’t bring about goodness to humanity and our home, is a temporary separation from ourselves, life’s purpose and mission. Keep in mind that our life’s purpose is very important to achieve, this is the main focus of our existence – if however, you can combine your life’s purpose with your life’s mission, this is how you may experience the most purposeful life you could ever lead.

Now with this understanding, you will be able to find your answer to this age old dilemma. Be mindful that it will take a bit of practice and determination to experience this, but it can be done. Combine these two life elements and you will become one of the most enlightened Beings to ever grace this planet. It’s now time to take this journey if you have not already started.

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.
– Lao Tzu

Damien Williams
1Cent – 1Life

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