Ain’t she a bute?… No matter what’s going on in my life whether it’s “good” or “bad”, happy or sad, I know she does it out of love, because she wants to see me continue to grow into the person I’m meant to be. And even though the cards I’ve been dealt aren’t the prettiest, I know it’s for a great reason. Because of that, I can just stand here all day, admiring her true beauty. I have defiantly taken advantage of her, because it has taken me 25 years to fully understand and see her breath taking beauty. We’ve been through so much the past 25 years and, the amazing thing is, there is so much more to explore with her. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I apologize; you’re probably wondering what or who I am talking about. No it’s not my girlfriend… I’m talking about ~Life~. Life is truly captivating from every breath, blink, swallow, thought, step, smile, frown, tear, hug and kiss, they are all blessings in their own way which makes all these things beautiful.

Everybody and every living thing has a purpose here on earth, and everyone is dealt a certain hand, to figure out how to play, in order to succeed and inspire. This is what makes life so interesting and beautiful, figuring out how to play that given hand in order to fulfill our life purpose. Now I know there are a lot of people that have been dealt some unfavourable cards, such as myself, as mentioned before. But, those who have been dealt these types of hands have a beautiful life whether they see it or not, because they are the diamonds in the rough.

I say these people are the diamonds in the rough, because if they can find the courage and strength to endure the hardships of life – the hand that has been given – they will see that this type of hand was needed to prepare them for all the greatness that is in store for them. Some people need these hardships in their life, so that they can truly appreciate all the beauty life has to offer them. These are usually the people, that when triumphant, inspire and teach those who have a “handsome” hand and those who have an unfavourable one, how to pick themselves up when they are down and out. Not to take anything away from those who are more fortunate than others, the fortunate types of people have an important role to play as well. Fortunate people have the ability to be that spark for those who are less fortunate, to ignite that passion and fire that lies within us all, to make something of ourselves, no matter our race, gender, height, weight, financial stability or intellectual level. It’s the perfect balance. Think of a Yin Yang; Yin and Yang represents ~balance~, and balance is the key ingredient in all things.

Whatever you may be going through at this moment in time, take a moment to step back and take everything in. Appreciate what is going on in your life, happy or sad, because this right here is helping you grow big and strong like an oak tree. Taking a step back from life, every now and then, gives you the opportunity to examine and assess the situation at hand. Doing this also allows you to truly see how beautiful life itself is, and more importantly, allows you to see how beautiful your experience of life is.

So always look for the beauty in life because life is only helping you become the person you are meant to be. Sometimes life will be generous, and sometimes life will show you tough love. In the end, this is what makes life so captivating, because life is the artist and we’re the canvas. So enjoy each day when you awake, because “Life is about moving on, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more complete.” –Unknown.

So I say again… Ain’t she a bute?

Damien Williams

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