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Emitting Positive Energy Towards The People Around You
This is a brief event told from the perspective of our close friend Mr. Ricketts. It taught him so much about the power of his own attitude and its effects on others… Continue Reading



I Made The Difference of a Lifetime in Someone’s Life
I remember going to classes and work every day, and minding my own business.  Not thinking that I have any sort major impact on the world around me… Continue Reading



My Life as A Hemophiliac
Hello everyone! I’m Damien; one of the two founders of 1 Cent -1 Life, and I just wanted to take the time and share with all of you my story as a hemophiliac… Continue Reading




Steve Jobs: How To Live Your Life Before You Die
“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share…” Continue Reading



Hidden Angels
A good friend of ours, Mr. Riz, shared with us a wonderful event in his life, which touched our very soul. We thought his story to be such a fitting example of, giving without the expectation of anything in returnContinue Reading



The Will to Believe
Lolo’s story of determination, faith and an unbreakable will, has opened our eyes and inspired us to firmly embed our most precious beliefs in our hearts and never let their light grow dim… Continue Reading



The “Tail” of Happiness
This story begins in an alleyway, where a little kitten can be seen vigorously chasing its tail.The kitten is using all of its efforts to catch its tail with its mouth, again and again, running in circles, believing it is getting closer to snatching up its tail… Continue Reading



There is Always More!
Japneet Marwah’s take on life is simple…”there is always more!” More things to do, more ways to help, more love to spread, more smiles to share and more people to inspire… Continue Reading



Find Your Inner Strength
Ruggiero is 21 years young; his childhood dream was to make it big in Broadway until one day life threw him a massive curve ball at the age of 19… Continue Reading 



Inner Peace
The other day while I was reading one of my Wayne Dyer books in search of some needed Life Guidance, I came across this beautiful list called: Some Signs and “Symptoms” of Inner Peace by Peace Pilgrim… Continue Reading



Do You Feel Rich?
While on Facebook today, I stumbled across a picture that was posted by The Unknown; but not hidden. It was a picture of two old men in hospital beds sharing a room… Continue Reading



There Are No Refunds On Life
Upon recent reflection, I’ve realized just how short life really is. Life on Earth is full of war, poverty, stress and sickness. Worldly possessions and material goods have become social expectations we’re constantly chasing and working for… Continue Reading



Energy, Nurturing and Nature
Here is a piece of inspiration from the simple things we seemingly neglect, when we take ourselves out of the present, the moment life itself happens… Continue Reading



Courtesy of Aaron BurdenA Perfect World
What would a perfect world look like to you? Would there be forests with waterfalls as far as the eye could see, or would there be rainbows, gumdrops, and pots of gold? In your perfect world, would there be only electric cars, and renewable energy? Would everyone be a billionaire … Continue Reading


Sten NijssenGrey Lines
Poetry has always helped me through difficult times—so in this entry I will use a form of expression that has always been familiar to me. One week has passed, but the days have blurred together, as if life had been placed on autopilot —unable to decipher what to do… Continue Reading

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