Stigma…A Mental Illness?
Social stigma is just as much an “illness” as any other form of health concern. It attacks the mind in ways that produce undesirable actions … Continue Reading



Something To Really Think About…
“This is how you live before you die. Choose a career that you love, no matter what it pays, do it to the best of your ability. Respect yourself and those around you” … Continue Reading



The Excuses Epidemic
Excuses strike without warning and often possess invisible symptoms. Excuses spread just as any efficient virus. The “carrier” may seem symptomless but once exposed to others, the results are disastrous for all … Continue Reading



Overcoming Self Defeat
Self defeat, such a helpless, low feeling when we fall victim to this. I was watching TSN the other day, when this short inspirational video about Morgan Rielly of the Moose Jaw Warriors CHL team came on … Continue Reading



The Power That A Smile Holds
About 4 or 5 months ago I came across this beautiful quote that went like this… “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa Continue Reading



The Tallest Mountain…Doubt
No matter how treacherous a journey, no matter how steep the surface, no matter how many injuries we sustain, we keep on climbing…why? … Continue Reading



Don’t Be Afraid of Making Mistakes
Making mistakes is a part of life which helps us to grow.  The most successful people on this planet are  the ones who have made the most mistakes in life, but keep in mind they didn’t make the same mistake twice Continue Reading



A Best Friend Is…
A best friend is someone we can call on when we don’t want to do something by ourselves, such as, going to the movies. A best friend always makes time to hang out no matter how busy … Continue Reading



The Funneling Effect
Many of us often wonder how different our lives would be, if we did not have such hectic and fast paced schedules. We may feel that our days would be filled with a sense of ease and freedom … Continue Reading



1 in a Million
The other day while I was driving home from work, this song called “One in a Million” by DWW came on the radio. This was my first time hearing this song … Continue Reading 



The Universal Mirror
Many times even the ones who empower, seek forms of inspiration, to be able to harness this energy and spread its underlying message.Our inspiration comes from so many avenues of life, ranging from complex to simple … Continue Reading



Failure = Results
Failure is something the majority of us fears the most, because “failure” is seen as an unknown. The result of failing leads to “beating ourselves up” for a good while … Continue Reading



Man Up!
The other day when I was scrolling down my Facebook wall, I came across a post a friend of mine shared on his wall. It’s an article written by Paul Hudson from Elite Daily titled “Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore” Continue Reading



Life Experiences
“Life isn’t about the breaths we take; it’s about the moments that take our breath away.”Think about that for a minute…Many of us have heard and used this quote from the movie Hitch, but yet, many of us … Continue Reading 



RAWRRR!!! Aren’t they beautiful? The amazing thing about these BIG cats, are the simple fact that they have mastered BALANCE in their lives. That’s what makes them so successful in the wild … Continue Reading



Live Now & Worry Latter
“Ugh, life is so boring… Hmm, I wonder what my future holds… I better start planning for my future today if I want to succeed in life” … Continue Reading



Negativity Is Like A Tsunami
A while ago, I got an email from a really good friend of mine talking about negativity, and the power it holds. This email got me excited because it got me thinking … Continue Reading



20 Years From Now
Twenty years from now is a very long time to think about, don’t you agree? Who knows where we will be or even what we’ll be doing with our lives. The one thing I’ll say though is this … Continue Reading



Silent Night
Last night as I was spreading the holiday cheer on my Facebook, I came across this beautifully sound advice from one of my favorite authors, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer … Continue Reading



Detox The Mind
This year is a perfect year to continue to kick unwanted habits to the curb and, move forward with the habits that benefit you greatly … Continue Reading



Ain’t she a bute?… No matter what’s going on in my life whether it’s “good” or “bad”, happy or sad, I know she does it out of love, because she wants to see me continue to grow into the person I’m meant to be … Continue Reading



Positive Speculation
Our minds work in such a way, that they need to be in constant use. Now this is often the case if we have developed this trait and continued this pattern overtime … Continue Reading



Your Dreams are Your Reality
Many times there are things we find ourselves thinking about which we would like to experience, in the now. Things such as a different financial level, a career change … Continue Reading



Love… Kindness… Compassion
It is said that “love, kindness, and compassion are the keys to life.” I agree, this is true. Showing love, kindness, and compassion to all lifeforms that are on this planet, brings harmony … Continue Reading



No Moment is Ordinary
Often we spend our time thinking about past experiences or future events, the “what was” and the “what if” experiences.  Ironically enough, the only experiences we truly have go unrecognized because … Continue Reading 



The Treasure of Friendship
Friendship, a term often said, but magnitude not always noticed. What is a friend? Is it a familiar face, a character in the play of life, a voice of reason, a supporting structure … Continue Reading



Tic – Toc Tic – Toc
Beep beep, beep beep!!! That’s usually the first sound the majority of us hear when we awake. Such an annoying sound; a sound that instantly put’s our state of mind and body in “rush” mode … Continue Reading



I Choose
Question… And be honest with yourself when answering these questions. How’s your life thus far? Are you on the path to where you want to be in life? Are you doing all the things that bring joy into your life? Are you honestly happy? … Continue Reading


Thou Shalt Not Judge
As it was said in the bible… “Thou shalt not judge, and thou will be judged not.” – Luke 6:37. Great way to go about life isn’t it? For the past few months, I’ve been analyzing this bible verse more in depth which has lead to a great revelation that … Continue Reading


When we are too concerned with making timelines, filling up our moments by being busy, jumping from one task on our to-do list to another, we always achieve the exact opposite of what we intend. We remain busy, but are not productive. Our mental strings pull us in various directions … Continue Reading


Playing to Your Strengths
Too often we neglect the most powerful, most rewarding and most exciting elements of our lives, simply because we have a deep desire to be something or someone else. Being more than you are is always a worthy journey to undertake, but being who you are not, in order to … Continue Reading


Courtesy of Vladimir KudinovSelf Honesty
Just really curious – when was the last time you were honest, and more importantly, when was the last time you were honest with Yourself? It’s okay if you don’t remember because that’s all about to change right today. We live in a world where it has become the norm … Continue Reading


Knowing How or Doing Now?
Regardless of how much Books we read, how many videos we watch, how many instructions we follow, how often we recite philosophies and how frequently we analyze techniques, without putting into practice what we feel we know, our moments spent were not used to make any progress. Instead we choose … Continue Reading

Courtesy of Greg RakozyCount Your Blessings
Count your blessings… Count your blessings for every time you wake in the morning. Count your blessings for the warmth and safety of the house you live in. Count your blessings for the cloths that cover your body. Count your blessings for the food you have – no matter how … Continue Reading


Courtesy of Ian SchinderLabel Free
Here’s a little riddle for you to solve; what is the similarity between your name, your job title, race, and gender? Take a moment to think about this before you answer and read on… Here’s a hint – a word that is in the title of this blog. If you … Continue Reading


Lose your Unhappy Story
Many times our “problems” seem to follow us and repeatedly pop up around every corner. No matter how much we attempt to shake them, bury them in the past or even ignore them, they always seem to get the best of us. Could it be that something’s are just meant …Continue Reading


KazuendSurrounded by Blessings
We may be frequently caught in what seems to be, an endless state of “busyness”, to truly be able to observe anything significant around us. Our constant schedule of “important” tasks, fill up our days. We shift from one item on our to-do list, to another. We schedule our lives …Continue Reading


Patrick Tomasso

ABCs of Gratitude
There is so much around us that often goes unnoticed in our daily lives. With our frequent rush, appointments, timelines, filled commitments, studies and work, how will we be able to stop and witness our Accomplishments, Blessings and Creations?…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Sebastian BoguszwiczThe Reality About Heaven And Hell
Heaven & Hell… Myth or Reality? Growing up we’ve been taught that heaven is a cozy, happy place up in the clouds when our time expires here on earth; the only people that get in are those who have been “good” on earth. We’ve also been taught that hell is…Continue Reading


Hani JajehDo Friends Determine Our Destiny?
The company we choose to associate with is often determined by our interests and various similarities. We tend to surround ourselves with like minded individuals who can share in the same hobbies, enjoy the same foods, talk about the same movies…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Jason RosewellDefining Your Life’s Purpose
Have you ever taken the time to think about what your life purpose is? Or have you ever taken the time to ponder your life mission? Are they not the same? Am I confusing you now? No need to fret, allow me to explain and clear up what their differences are…Continue Reading


Jo SzczepanskaPutting Your Gifts to Use
Why do we do the things we do? Have we been going about our days, acting in ways that “make sense” to us? Maybe we have been accustomed to carrying out a series of side projects because we can see ourselves living a stable…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Susana FernándezWhat Type of Person Are You?
You’ve heard the saying before… “There are two types of people in this world; winners and losers, which one are you?” I’d like to agree with this saying, but this saying comes from an egoic place, and it’s really smart to separate yourself from the ego …Continue Reading


Roksolana ZasiadkoFear of the Unknown
To be alive, directly controlling our actions and determining our own wellbeing, can be a daunting thing. The journey we had to take to get where we are right now, was no small feat. There have been great up times and heavy down times. There have been a slew of …Continue Reading


Courtesy of Jason ChenHumble Pie
Accumulating large sums of money, buying the biggest or most expensive home, and buying the newest – most expensive car seems to be all the rave these days, and the sign of “success” or finally “made it”. All of these “things” are fabulous to have, and temporarily improve …Continue Reading


Courtesy of Matthew WiebeHave You Found Happiness?
What is happiness? How do we attain happiness? Where does happiness even come from? An even better question to ask is… am I genuinely happy? As great as these questions are to ask oneself, there’s actually a paradox with asking oneself these questions, and that is…Continue Reading 


Sam SchoolerOur Pain Leads to Our Joys
In times of great confusion, gloomy episodes, when faced with heavy burdens and despair, among the hardest things to do during those moments is to ask ourselves, what is the lesson here? Can it be, that these very situations are not random acts, but necessary parts of the puzzle …Continue Reading


Courtesy of Jimmy MustoTake A Walk on The Wild Side
This journey that you and I are on at this very moment is the most profound thing that could ever happen to us in Form. What I mean by form, is the vessel that houses our soul, the body. There are three (3) elements plus one (1) to this awe-inspiring …Continue Reading


Forrest CavaleThings Happen as they May
Why is it all too common to find ourselves questioning our circumstances or analyzing our choices? We may attempt to plan out the perfect event, career path, educational journey and even a set point to identify ourselves as established. Along this mental journey of a…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Angela BenitoWhat DO You See For Yourself?
What do you see and want in this life? What is it that you’d like to have in your life right now, and what is holding you back from achieving that type of life? Take a few moments to give this some thought before moving forward…Continue Reading


Quino AlThe Joy of Work
I frequently seem to hear constant displeasure directed towards one of our greatest gifts, work. This is always expressed by the ones who have been blessed with opportunity and choice of employment. That is one of the most intriguing elements of these encounters…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Luca BravoAt Any Moment
Life can be great, life can be sour, life can be confusing, life can be plain, life can be humorous, life can be frantic, and life can be bliss; besides all that, the greatest thing about life, especially the life you currently live is that nothing is ever set in …Continue Reading 


Courtesy of NasaThe Beauty of The Mind
Mindful thinking – that is the name of the game. What game am I talking about – I’m talking about the game of life, mine and yours to be exact. Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is, or why certain events happen which leave you …Continue Reading


Rachael CroweThe Future is not Guaranteed
How long will we decide to bared the burden of under-appreciation while striving for a moment which will forever remain illusive? How much of our lives have we let pass us by because choices from our past left us fearful of their repetition, and equally, how much have…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Jordan McQueenThe Four Essential Rules of Life
Reverence, Sincerity, Kindness, and Service; these are the four cardinal virtues of life, and the teachings of Lao Tzu from the Tao Te Ching. These four virtues, if practiced and applied daily, open the door in understanding and knowing the Universe – which is, knowing thy self…Continue Reading 


Elaine CasapThe Hand of Generosity
What an incredible feeling it is to have all that we wish for. That thought alone may trigger a deep inhalation and exhalation, signifying a lack of any worries and sense of completion. How magnificent would it be for us to know that everyday we have nothing to be worried…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Kalen EmsleyWhat’s The Rush?
Let’s be honest, the world is moving at such a fast rate due to the consistent advancements that are being done with technology and social media.  This has us constantly doing our best to keep up with the latest technological advances, and latest trends (not just fashion) which…Continue Reading


Lena BellHow We Get There is Irrelevant
Our end destination is quite often what fuels many of us on our daily journeys. We plot and determine which path is most suitable to reach our desired goal. We determine the monetary cost, the time it will take, the amount of obstacles which may obstruct our path, the amount…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Tim BogdanovDoes Setting Goals Really Determine Your Success & Happiness?
What is the purpose for setting “Goals”? We hear this all the time, from grade school all the way into adult hood; “If you set goals, you’ll be a somebody… A real success.” But is this really true? Setting goals will bring us success, happiness…Continue Reading


joseph-barrientosLetting Go of Limitations
Attempting to rid ourselves of thoughts of past events or circumstances that we are not proud of, lead us day after day, in a repetitive dance which we seem to never escape from. We are not proud of who we were or what decisions we chose so we keep fighting…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Ryan WongThe Missing Ingredient in Achieving Your Life’s Purpose
What is your life’s purpose? Do you feel lost and confused because you haven’t achieved your life’s purpose yet? Don’t worry, many people haven’t found their life’s purpose yet, and there are even some who have found their life’s purpose but are hesitant to take the steps in that direction…Continue Reading 


Seeing the Good
How many things do we frequently ignore and pass by during our daily race to beat the clock? Certainly nothing of great significance can be so special as to take us away from submitting our projects, calculating our bi-weekly salary, paying our monthly expenses, planning for events weeks in advance…Continue Reading


Courtesy of Laurie-Anne RobertIt’s a Hard-Not Life
As the times continue to change, it seems that there is one constant that doesn’t change, and that would be how the masses continue to cause their own suffering by the continuous identification with the ill-usion of a “hard-knock life”. Because of this illusionary thought form, it seems as if…Continue Reading

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