Our Mission

We are passionate about your success, in all avenues of life. We remind you, that when your mental blueprint is aligned with your physical experiences, whatever you desire must be yours! Through our Copywriting and Coaching services, we achieve our mission, by helping you achieve yours.

By providing tools for positive change and value for readers and clients, our aim is to enhance You, your Relationships and your Business.

Our Philosophy

We believe that positive change can only be brought about through direct implementation. It is in action, not stagnation, which solutions are made.

Success to us is a system. Change happens gradually, with consistent, small steps. This is how you elevate yourself to the next level.

Why We Blog

We love to write, to inspire and to share. We want to consistently show you that, whatever obstacle you may encounter or whatever life situation you may face, you always have the ability to evolve from present circumstances and live abundantly!

From hearing and seeing the positive impact we have made in the lives of our readers and clients, our passion continually grows stronger.

Our Name

Our brand name evolved from something often overlooked, a penny. This is something which seems so small, when removed from the whole. When added to the grander scale however, this humble beginning, holds within it, infinite power to create positive change. As we contemplated the penny and thought of its relevance throughout the ages, we said aloud;

whether it be one cent or one life…nothing is insignificant, everything matters.

And so our journey begun and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you and be a part of yours.
Thank you for visiting our site and calling upon us in times of need. It’s because of YOU the reader and client, that we continually give our all, to bring out the best in you, while giving you the best of us.

Our Team

Christopher Bisnath: Co-founder

Christopher’s passion for inspiring others and recognizing their true self-worth comes from his background in Psychology and Business. As a graduate of the Psychology program at York University, he steadily applies an interactive approach with his clients, to help create their desired changes, by first helping to rebuild their sense of self-worth. By valuing our skills, interests and abilities on a mental level, we are then able to use these same treasures to create our desired lives.
As a constant learner, Christopher went on to strengthen his skills by studying international business administration, so that he may better understand the complexities of balancing our work lives with our personal lives. From what he has learnt about this balance, he aims to teach clients that if we do what we love, our health, sense of self-worth and all our daily life experiences, will be enriched in ways we may have never even imagined.

Damien Williams: Co-founder

Damien has a varied background, which builds upon his interests and passion to empower others. As a graduate of Recreation and Leisure Services from Seneca College, along with being a certified Reiki practitioner, he has applied his understanding of the benefits of engaging in the activities we love, in order to maintain balance in all aspects of our health. With this balance and enhanced sense of self-esteem, we are able to feel more refreshed, energetic and productive in our working lives. Most importantly, we are able to be more present with our loved ones outside of our workplace and more in tune with our self, something often neglected. Being a lifelong student, Damien has furthered his studies and enhanced his skills in, conflict management, image consulting, nutrition as well as martial arts, and is a living example to his clients, that with daily, small improvements, our mental blueprint will always become our reality.

Affiliate and Mentor

Mark Recaido: Life Coach

As a constant source of inspiration and guidance for the 1Cent-1Life founders, clients and athletes, Mark has been a key member of our team. He has personally mentored Christopher and Damien in things ranging from relationships, to martial arts, and pursuing your dreams.

Through his Kaido Motivation Program, he shows clients his art form, exercise and discipline, used to sharpen one’s personal purpose on their journey. With a background in various Eastern Asian philosophies, native Filipino martial art systems, Jeet Kune Do, Russian martial art systems and Jiu-Jitsu, he combines the mental and physical disciplines to help you find your balance that lead to your success.

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