A Best Friend

                                                                       A Best Friend Is…

Someone we can always count on when we need them the most, through thick or thin. A best friend is someone we can call on when we don’t want to do something by ourselves, such as, going to the movies. A best friend always makes time to hang out no matter how busy. Best friends make us laugh, cry, create memories, share secrets and actually keep them a secret. Best friends become family, sometimes even closer than blood. A best friend inspires us to demand more out of ourselves. Best friends help us grow. They teach us how to be loyal, and stand by our words. A best friend never puts the other down to build themselves up, instead they always uplift one another and see each other as equals, because they want to see each other succeed in life. Best friends provide life guidance. Most importantly, when we stop and think about whom our true best friend is and the impact they have had on our lives thus far, we will be able to say with the utmost confidence…

My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.
– Henry Ford

Damien Williams

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