5 Rules For Complete Happiness

5 Rules For HappinessTrue happiness lies within. Always look within thyself. When we look within, we see our true selves, our highest selves. Happiness is life’s medication. It’s natural, pure and benefits the mind, body and spirit. Happiness nourishes our bodies like the rain and sun nourish nature. If we take a few minutes a day to follow the 5 steps of happiness, you’ll be able to see the world and your life for what it truly is…free, happy, healthy, successful, majestic, peaceful and pure.

There is no reason anybody should lack happiness, because happiness is always with us. You control your happiness, no one else. Remind yourself daily that “we are spirits having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience.” –Unknown. Once you realize this, all external noise will have no effect on your internal self resulting in, complete pure happiness. So smile and find your happiness.


You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.
Ruth E. Renkl

Damien Williams

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