1 in a Million

The other day while I was driving home from work, this song called “One in a Million” by DWW came on the radio. This was my first time hearing this song. Usually when I hear a song for the first time, I just listen to the beat and instrumentals, rather than the lyrics. For some strange reason I found myself doing the opposite this time and listening to the lyrics.

It was nice listening to the lyrics of this song, because it really got me thinking on my drive home, that all of the billions of people on this planet are “1 in a million”, because we are all unique. So why is it that the majority of us don’t feel like we are 1 in a million? The answer to this question is simple…

We label ourselves based off of what we see on TV, what those closest to us tell us, and what “society” tells us we are. That’s just not right, and it breaks my heart, because I too use to allow this to happen. Living in this manner is not beneficial to our health, because our self-worth goes from being as “tasty” and good as our favorite meal, to a “nasty” and gross meal that we despise.
The solution to fixing this feeling of not being a one in a million starts within YOU, because you become a product of whatever it is you think and say you are. If you allow others, along with yourself, to put negative labels on you, then that’s exactly what you’ll be and this will determine how far you go in this life. At the end of the day, you have to be confident enough to not only feel like you’re a one in a million, but KNOW you are!

This is exactly what I did. I told myself that I’m done with eating this “nasty”, bitter “food”, and said I want some “tasty”, good “food”. So I started to tell myself everyday, silently and out loud, in the mirror, at school, work or wherever I may be, that I am truly one in a million. This always put’s a big smile on my face.
By saying these words “I’m a one in a million” brought so much joy, peace, and confidence into my life, because I took my self-worth from “nasty” and “bitter” to “tasty” and “m-m-m good”. When you say these words, you have to be firm and confident in knowing that you are whatever you believe. It also helps if you surround yourself with like minded people, and create a positive atmosphere internally and externally, because having the slightest doubt will keep you “immobilized”, determining your levels of self-worth.
You’re beautiful in every way no matter what others may say or think, I know this and see this in you… it’s time that you see what’s inside you!

Be mindful that when you tell yourself that you are a one in a million, that you DO NOT FEED YOUR EGO. Nourish your self-confidence and soul. You’ll be able to tell the difference between the two, because when you feed your ego you become “big-headed”, and seek attention. When you feed your soul and self-confidence you become humble, peaceful, content and at one with thyself.

Take some time now to listen to One in Million by DWW, and let this song guide you in becoming your higher self… your one in a million self… Because you can.

Video: DWW – One In A Million

Damien Williams
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